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times up chocaslim


adores posting
hi thought i'd just start this diary to help me keep on track i started sw on tuesday and i'm doing well so far.... Today is EE day

Just eating lunch of couc cous with seasoning, tomatoes, apple, salad leaves.
had 42g all bran with HEA milk for breakfast and for tea ive got jacket potato with beans and salad leaves.

snacks of sugar free jelly, fruit and i have some frozen fun size chocolate bars which i might have later.
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Good luck...those choccy bars sound yum x


adores posting
Well i'm on day 4 but only been putting down on here for 2 days im doing EE
all seems good i hope please feel free to comment on my diary.
Havent been hungry between meals so thats good. Todays meals below:

Breakfast- 2 egg omlette (no milk added)
tomatoes, mushrooms, quark.

Lunch- Pork chop (no fat), dry roast potatoes, green beans, sweetcorn and peas. 1x tbsn tom ketchup=1 syn

Tea- salad leaves, crab sticks, salmon trimmings, tomatoes and a drizzle of lemon juice.

HEB=all bran for a snack

mini milk= 1.5 syn
fun size crunchie= 4.0 syn
fun size dairy milk caramel= 4.0 syn

total syns= 10.5.

pleased i,m doing well just hoping il see a loss on tuesday.


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yayeee not long till tuesday evening weight in
and so far so good:
Breakfast- pear and apple with mullar light.
Lunch- salad leaves, cucumber, tomatoes, grated carrot and salmon trimmings and crab sticks.
Tea- chicken (no skin), mixed veg, plain egg noodles, sweet and sour dipping sauce - 1tbsn= 1.0 syn
HEA= milk
HEB= 42g all bran
1x tsp sugar= 1.0 syn
2x mikado= 1.0 syn
1x crunchie (funsize)=4.0 syn
1x dairy milk caramel (funsize)=4.0 syn

total syns 12


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hi all,
today has been good food wise=
breakfast- HEB 42g all bran with ff yoghurt
Lunch- salad leaves, cucumber,tomatoes, salmon trimmings, crab sticks.
Dinner- lean mince homemade burgers 2syns with onion and garlic, potatoes and baked beans followed by fresh fruit.
HEA= milk
funsize crunchie-4.0 syns
funsize dairy milk caramel-4.0 syns

total syns =10.0


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:eek: first weigh in tonight so wish me luck.
todays meals so far are:
Breakfast- 42g All bran with ff yoghurt
Lunch- salad leaves, lean mince burger left from yesturday works out at 1.5 syns
dinner-will wait until after weigh in tonight but i have a nice bowl of pasta and cheese with veg/salad
snacks- orange
i also pinched 2 of my daughters chips that she had for tea oops
i will update later.


adores posting
just updating this evenings progress

lost 3.5lb yippee

dinner- pasta, salad, quark with garlic.

funsize bar-4.0
hi fi bar at class- 6 .0
so total today is- 11.5
well done chocaslim! thats a great loss - doesnt it feel amazing to realise you are losing weight :)

well another new day and it seems to have gone well lots of walking and healthy eating still saving all my syns for the evening even though only used 7 today and have snacked on fruit if i get the urge for chocolate then i cut up cucumber and spread on marmite this seems to deter me dont no how or why but its working anyway.
today EE
Breakfast- sw pancakes with lemon juice and ff yoghurt.
Lunch- salad leaves, tomatoes, pasta and quark with garlic.
dinner- a pork chop without the fat with salad leaves and carrots and broccoli.
the bowl of pasta at lunch was huge so didnt want to have anymore carbs today.
HEB=x2 alpen lights
syns= multi pack flake comes up as 7.0 syns online wow thats good.
hi all, another good day lots of walking i walked to town and back today which is 30 minutes there and 30 mins back.

Today- green

Breakfast- magic porridge=HEA 1

lunch-smash pizza with tom puree=0.5 syn, sliced tomatoes,onions,mushrooms, x2 laughing cow light triangles.

Dinner- egg noodles, curry powder, quorn pieces, sweetcorn, brussels sprouts, carrots. tomato ketchup 1x tbsn=1.0 syn.

HEA=light cheese triangles
HEB2= x2 alpen lights

snacks= banana,orange.
syns=multi pack flake =7.0
hi just thought i'd start my diary for today now as i'm feeling peckish and ive already had lunch and my healthy extra b still got another one but might need that later so need a distraction till school run in 50 minutes.

Today is = Green.
Breakfast-apple,banana and ff yoghurt.
Lunch-mixed salad with lemon juice and x2 quorn sausages.
Dinner-smash pizza with tom puree and onions, mushrooms, cheese triangles with quorn pieces and baked beans with salad leaves.

HEA= laughing cow light triangles
HEB1=x2 alpen light

syns= multi-pack flake=7.0 syns
tomato puree=0.5 syn

Total syns= 7.5 syns
well all went ok i didnt nibble or snack like i thought i may went to the pub with hubby and daughter just before dinner and had 2 gin and slimline tonics so im still in side my sins i'm sitting in bed eating my daily flake whilst updateing this.
Today is a=green day

Breakfast-Baked Beans, x2 poached eggs and x2 cheese light triangles-HEA.
Lunch-Salad Quorn pieces mixed in quark.
Dinner-cous cous, mixed veg and green beans with x2 quorn sausages.

HEB= x2 Alpen lights

Syns=ketchup x 1/2 teaspoon=0.5 syns
99 flake=2.5 syns.
funsize chomp and funsize fudge these both show up on the sw website as 3.0 syns wow.=6.0 syns

total syns=9.0.
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Today is a=Red day

Breakfast-porridge=HEB1 made with water and ff yoghurt with banana.
Lunch-chicken without skin, carrots, cabbage, dry roasted squash pieces.
Tea-sw quiche with tuna and cheese light triangles with salad leaves.

HEA=cheese light triangles
HEB2=x2 alpen lights
syns: x1 tbsn tomato sauce-1.0 syns
1 1/2 99 flakes=3.0 syns.
funsize fudge and chomp=6.0 syns

total=10.0 syns.
Hi, today is a-EE

Breakfast=sw pancakes, ff youghurt, Banana.
Lunch=pasta,quark,tuna,salad leaves.
Dinner=jacket spud, x2 exlight triangles,
salad leaves, baked beans.

HEB=x2 alpen lights.

1/2 banana with apple and x2 11.5g of low fat squirty cream=3.0

weigh in tomorrow :eek:
Hi chocaslim

hope weigh in went well. How do you make your pancakes, Ive never made them but they sound yum! Are they easy and quick to make on a work morning.

Hi there just updating been busy lost 1.5lb this week and cant remember what i ate yesterday. sorry katotonic il put pancake receipe below.

seperate as many eggs as you wish, whisk the whites up till thick and stiff, add sweetner i use two teaspoons then whisk in the yoke. heat a frying pan and spray with frylight then spoon or pour the eggs in and cook both sides, be careful as they are more delicate than the normal ones.
i eat with lemon, sweetner and muller light.
today- EE
Breakfast=open salmon sandwich ww bread syned, spead with quark, tomatoes.
lunch=cheese extra light triangles x1, omlette tomatoes salad leaves.
Dinner=mashed artichoke and potatoes, gammon ham sweetcorn and green beans.
orange and an apple

syns= mini milk-1.5
ww bread x1 slice -2.5
curly wurly-6.0

total=11.0 syns
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