Tipperary wobbles into 2024

Morning, did 16 lengths swimming and 4 aquajogging yesterday morning and felt great. Was in the pool for 0730 and at work for 0905( it's a 30 minute drive). Was much easier to swim in the morning than try to go after work, though the pool was quite full. Just hopped on the scale and a small drop. I don't mind a small drop if they are guaranteed, I really need to lose 500g to a kilo a week but if I was guaranteed 100g every week I would be very happy. It's the up and down and up that drives me mad.
I've decided not to continue with the job application I was shortlisted for. I researched it further and I'm not available the date of the interview, I looked up the assessment and you can only ever take it once so your results in it stand for every application you do in the future, I just can't be prepared for it this week and there will be future opportunities locally.
Chat later
Morning, another small drop so happy with that. If I can keep it for tomorrow it would be great. I ate good yesterday but did have wine then last night so will see, that usually takes 48 hours to find me.
Went swimming again yesterday morning, same 20 lengths. It feels about right but also all I have time for. A few years ago I went swimming regularly and had a problem with gagging all the time, well fasting has helped that, I don't swim after eating.
Meeting a friend for lunch today so need to look for something safe on the menu, I might just have a starter.
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😂Ive lost a kilo this week, marking it today as im going out for lunch today. And also i wanted to see my stats change😅. Ive now lost over 10% of my body weight and its visible now.
Thanks, it feels great to me moving again I feel like I have spent 4 weeks with the same kilo up and down.. I am now completely on track for my goals I set at end February.
Next mini goal is to get my overall loss to 10kg.
Trying to motivate myself to get up now and go swimming, it's early enough and ii have time. But I also have a busy day at work ahead. Biggest problem with swimming before work is finding something appropriate to wear to work but easy to pull on and off.
I'm going shopping tomorrow I think, to M&S, my new job will be client facing and will need to look more corporate so going to get black linen trousers and white linen trousers and I have lots of shirts to wear with them, that can be my summer work uniform. The sizes in M&S are usually good on me and they do shorter length.
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Morning, I did go swimming on Friday morning. Then went out to dinner Friday evening with darling husband. Yesterday was a glorious day so I didn't go anywhere and just stayed in the garden all day with the kids playing. Going to get up now and have some tea and do my ironing. Then will make some soup for the week and then head out to M&S. Chat later
Well done Tipperary...I need motivation right now and this has me smiling :)
Morning all, well after having a good week I've had a not so good week. I haven't been tracking what I'm eating at all and haven't been monitoring my bloods. Weight was way up yesterday. I have a sinus infection and it's making me feel totally miserable, I can't understand why I have another one again so quickly. I think it may have started as hayfever from tree pollen. I've ahead full of snot. I'm taking paracetamol and Sudafed but the Sudafed keeps me awake.
I finished up my temporary job on Friday and they had a party for me so I did have cake. And I had toast yesterday for dinner, I really wanted the comfort of scrambled egg on toast. I'm awake since 4am so might get up now and start my laundry and I've ANOTHER job application to fill, will explain in a bit. Then getting my hair done today and might see if my girls want to have lunch out.
I might take out my food journal and make a proper plan for the week. A meal plan and shopping list, I think that's were I fell done this week, just grabbing things on the go. And being sick not only makes me more hungry but also craving carbs. I think I need to make some sort of a chicken broth soup, maybe just with leeks and do a mini detox.
Going to old office on Monday to pack up and move to new office, then Monday afternoon I'm off cos I have a medical appointment (getting a big cyst removed from my head, maybe that will drop some weight😅). Working Tues,Wed and Thurs in new job the Friday off for another appointment then two weeks annual leave😁. No plans for it yet but hopefully daily swims. I haven't got to the pool this week at all, just too mucousy and at the beginning of the week had to have early starts at work. I'm too tired after work to go.
So, why am I applying for another job. Well it would be another promotion and it would be providing support to the project management team doing report writing and data analytics, part of which I have just studied for. I think it would be a stretch for my current skills but still I want my name known there in that office should something else suitable come up. If I get the application completed this weekend great, if not I'm not going to worry about it. My current manager suggested I apply for it. This is all within the same organisation and they really do encourage staff to move within whether different roles or promotion. And I'm not really bothered by interviews and believe the more you do the better.
That's it for now, chat later.
Morning, you're doing so well in updating this...I've fallen off big time.

Always in the mood for comfort food lately and doing DIY does not help as I want to grab something quick after.

Have not weighed as I need to replace the battery but, I'm sure I've put on.

Good luck on the cyst removal and new job applications x
Sitting in surgery waiting room😱. He seems quick enough getting through people and i think im next. The getting fingers and toes painted as im in town anyway with the afternoon off. Toenails are hurting if i wear shoes and i can properly reach them to cut myself never mind do it tidely or paint them.
Havent eaten at all yet today, but also havent drank much liquid either, need to sort that out once im done
Surgery didnt happen yesterday. Was in his consultation rooms and its a bit bigger than he thought so wants to do it in a clinical setting. Appointment made for 6 weeks. (Ive other medical appointments and trying to stagger them)
Sitting in canteen of new job, hmm hard to know what to make of it yet.
Surgery didnt happen yesterday. Was in his consultation rooms and its a bit bigger than he thought so wants to do it in a clinical setting. Appointment made for 6 weeks. (Ive other medical appointments and trying to stagger them)
Sitting in canteen of new job, hmm hard to know what to make of it yet.
That's a shame...nice to get things out of the way and medical appointmentts keep getting moved to weeks/months after.
Morning all, well as you can see I've been MIA for a while. I had two weeks annual leave and got away for a few days of it. As usual diet all over the place but I did get a lot of swimming done. Weight is up but arms and back a little more toned. Going to leave stats as they are, make a plan for the week and see how they are on Friday. Have another job interview on Tuesday and dentist after that.
Off to catch up with everyone, chat later.
Quick hello, some of my holiday weight dropped but not all of it. Busy day today, will catch up later.
Me again😂, just awake and wonder what the scale has in store for me.
Job interview yesterday was ok...ish. Not sure how it went. I had applied for it before I moved jobs so not too worried about it. Then went to the dentist and got my last two fillings, turned out to be 14 fillings in total.
Food yesterday started out well, Courgette and coconut soup only at lunchtime and then 4 fish fingers for dinner. But then I also has two Ryvita crackers with butter and cheddar.
I hasn't been checking my bloods and when I did on Sunday they seemed quite high, a bit lower on Monday though and yesterday. I need to get on top of that and back into a regular routine of checking. It's hard enough in new job to find the time to do it, I practically have to ask if I can go to the bathroom and they are clock watching all the time. Today I have more soup for lunch and maybe an omelette for dinner, not sure.
Chat later
Scales was good and should be back on track by Friday. I did a good bit of swimming while I was off and can feel it on my arms. But even better I accidentally put on a pyjama top yesterday that has been too tight on my bust to wear and it fits fine now😀 so definitely did tone up a bit under arms and around bra line.
Going to pack up my swimming things and might stop at the pool this evening. With time constraints of new job and the fact it's a bit further away it would be tight getting to pool in the morning. Though if I get up earlier and be there at 7am it might work
Not quite back on track but have actually lost my holiday weight, i had 500g gained before i left. So at 76kg right now but leaving stats as they are for now. Hopefully next week will be back to dropping again.
Keep up the good work. Getting back into the 70s seems so far for me (especially as I have a holiday coming up next week).

Would love to get into swimming if it would give me the benefits of being toned - will look into local leisure centres for prices.