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Tracie Green's SW Diary! - im giving it a rest!!! - im happy x

Hi all,

well after another crappy weekend of eating, im really angry with myself that ive let it slip again, after doing sooo well, got on the scales this morning and have put 5lb on, i deserve it, i dont weant any sypathy. so i sat yesterday thinking what else can i do! i cant afford to join class, so here it is im gonna do a diary on here everyday!!! its the only thing that may motivate me to stick with it??

So today... well still dont feel that motivated to be honest but am fighting it, ive gotta do it!! had all bran for brekky and dry toast 4 lunch with a yogurt and nana. For dinner im gonna do a butternut squash rissoto. catch ya tommorow!;):sigh:
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In it to lose it
Hey Tracie. I have every faith in you. You done really well so far and you know whe are all here for you. PM me if you need to chat at any time. I can also give you my email if ever you need to vent or anything. Welcome back
You can do it! The best thing you can do is just forget about the past and move forward. Take it one day at a time. Enjoy your butternut squash risotto - sound delish! x
ok it now nearly 7 oclock and i nearlly caved, couldnt be bothered to do the rssoto so had pasta and sauce instead so still good, maybe il do rissoto tommorow when hubbys in x first day back over, hoping tommorow ill be more in the swing x x x
Ok, DAY 2 - i feel much better today, feel a lot more positive, i got on the scales and am now 11.7 so i reakon i had a lot of water retention maybe, anyway its encouraged me that the line has been drawn and im only a pound off what i was at my lowest so all is not lost!!
Glad to hear that you are feeling more positive today Hun....put those scales away though!!!!
Try not to step on them regularly as our bodies can do some mean things with our minds and if you are like me, if the scales dont go in your favour, you decide whats the use !
Keep it up and post your diary!!

thanks guys, its def helping doing the diary, and i know... i will stay away from thescales x x x
doing good now, i made monster batch of savory rice last night with lil bits of frankfurter in, it was lush, am eating it now 4 my lunch as well!! im doing well on a budget this week!!! also back to 11.6! yes!! so blip well and truley over yay!!! overcomed temptation this morning, as work colleague bought in mince pies and xmas goodies and had a 15 min discussiojn with him why i wasnt going to partake! was VERY strong!!! yaya thats how i know im definately back on track! hopefully might even get a loss this week, fingers crossed!!! x
Ooooo...well done!!! Keep being strong!

Fingers crossed that you get your loss Hun!

thankyou, will try and be really good x only thing is, ive had to cancel my gym membership to save money : ( nevermind il try n do some runing when i can


soon to be skinny minnie
I'm kinda in the same boat as you , this is my first day back to plan. You could even do a workout dvd in the house if it is too cold and slippy for running x
yeah good idea!! ill have yto get one i n the sales x x
Well done you! There seem to have been a few of us in a bit of a blip at the moment. I know I've gone a bit bonkers recently and am down in the dumps about it. But am drawing that line, drawing, drawing. I doubt I will lose this week but I can at least minimise the damage can't I!!

im doing really good now, am really focussed on it now, my main goal is to look good for the xmas party on the 19th dec. ideally i wanted to be 11 stone for that but still have 6lb to go, which i doubt will shift, but i will but try!!, was very good last night and prepared some hard boiled eggs and made myself a sarnie for today which i just had which was lush. Gonna make my butternut squash rissoto again tonight yum x and my friend is coming over tonight (the one that doesnt really give me any support!) hopefully she will see ive lost a bit of weight now, as i havent seen her fora month! lets hope she doesnt give me anymore comments!!! keep ya posted!

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