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*** TUESDAY -- hour by hour ***


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Good morning chaps.

how is everyone doing today? after my ss+ night last night i'm raring to go on ss again. the ss+ didn't really do anything for me so maybe i won't need to do that again.

my cdc gave me a couple of ketostix so i may do a verifying test, although if my feet are anything to go by i don't think there's any doubt i'm in ketosis...

abz xx
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Loving losing
Morning everyone. Just off to work but only a half day today but the children are back in school so holidays well and truly over. Still only 4 and a bit weeks to half term!!
Watching Hell's kitchen last night I had a Hell's Digestive moment with a packet just screaming to be opened. So glugged the water but the desire didn't go away! Eventually after half an hour I gave up and went to bed! It was the only way i could stop myself and so this morning i feel sooooo much better for resisting the temptation. Am just going to put them in a cupboard now so i can't see them.
Interesting about your SS+ meal Abz, cos I live for mine in the evening!
Just enjoyed my toffee and walnut shake and now need to rally the kids from their pits.
Good luck for all the WI today and here's to 100%..


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i am so sleepy... i'm still not managing to get to sleep on a night and being shattered when i wake up, only to be wide awake at night again... i do have my packs spaced out fairly late in the day so maybe this has something to do with it, but i don't want to be starving in the evening time...

i got some chicken and mushroom soup from my cdc so am looking forward to that for lunch today :)

abz xx

Abz - Glad you are feeling better about SS today and hope you don't feel so tired as the day goes on.

Ibizamad - Well done for not giving in to the biscuits.

I'm off to my bodypump class this morning, first time since doing CD so a bit nervous that my body won't be able to handle it. Had my porridge, and will just take it easy and see how I go.

Have a good day everyone, back later x


Stubborn tortoise
Mornin' Abz & Ibiza... Abz, glad you are feeling better. Just thinking... what height are you? I was hngry for first three weeks on SS & finally CDC allowed me to switch up to 4 packs... I'm 5'8" but she thought I'd be better on 3. The 4th pack made all the difference, and didn't affect my losses at all. Even if you are under 5'8" I know that 4th pack can be a lifesaver for struggle days?

Ibiza, how about storing those biccies in the BIN? Or giving to OH to take to work? Me & biccies cannot share the same house! After a while, you won't care any more, but right now better not to put temptation in your way!

Oops... crossed with you, Munch... wow, Bodypump!!! You star! Enjoy it.

Hope everyone has a fab, sunny & 100% day!



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howdy. i'm five feet 7.

the problem is, i'm not hungry, i'm craving. i do have extra packs at home so i can have the extra one if i want to... but i don't want to... ha.

i'll get there :)

abz xx


Loving losing
Biscuits now out of sight! Would offer them to the fish/hamster /rabbit but don't think they would be too impressed. At least I am not tempted by rabbit food - just yet anyway!
Bodypump - woooo!! Impressive. My body pump is giving my fingers exercise on a PC :), but maybe as I lose the pounds I will feel the urge to do more!
Right really must get to work..


Absolutely Determined!
Morning girls :D Hope everyone has a brilliant 100% day today! By 9am I had showered, dressed, got kids to school, done some washing, cleaned the kitchen and walked the dog... pretty amazing for someone who never used to get dressed til lunchtime haha! I LOVE CD!!!

Abz - Good news about the SS+, shows its head-hunger ;) You can do it :) xxx

Sarah - Well done for resisting the biccies!!! Isn't it an amazing feeling when you have done that?! Good luck for another fab day xxx

Kirsten - Body pump...arrrghhh...good for you!! Don't forget your extra shake xxxxx

Katy - Hope you have a superb day too my lovely :) xxx


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work is dragging already and i've got another 8 hours to go!! aargh.

my fingers are bloody freezing too!! again with the working in IT and being unable to type properly!! gah!!

abz xx


Skinny girl in a fat body
Good morning everyone. Well after my 'blip' last night with the chicken, I am ready and raring to go again today. My head is pounding and the cold water isn't helping. I'm in work so got my 2 litre bottles in front of the heater to try to get them warmed up a bit. GOD - I HATE the water part of this diet, it is the worst part for me. Going to take a couple of paracetomol and try to have a steady (rather than rushed) day today coz the RD is out. Good luck to everyone one today.

PS - I am starving too :(
Good morning everyone, thank you to you all that are sending me get well messages, they are helping.. I was very low yesterday and sat in a dark room feeling sad.. even missing going to the gym!! anyhow, took your advice Katycakes and went and sat in the garden with my shake and gardners world and the argos catalogue!! planning some bits to buy for the garden.
Saw my lovely cdc who made me laugh, got weighed and even though it was not the loss of the century, despite sitting on my bottom alot I managed to loose a pound!!!!!! (810 plan) she gave me a big hug and said oh... I'm so proud you didn't fall off the wagon.. results from doc tomo (at last) then perhaps I can start to make getting better plans when I know whats wrong.. Sorry for long post!!!! ;)


Absolutely Determined!
Mia - Sorry you're feeling rubbish! But, well done for getting back to it after 'chickengate'. The water thing is a necessary evil I'm afraid. I suggest some retail therapy ;) Get on ebay and buy something a size too small :D Have a good day xxxx

Sarah - Well done on your loss hun, you've done so well staying on track despite being so poorly. I take my hat of to you (or at least, I would if I was wearing one). Good luck for the doctors tomorrow xxx


Stubborn tortoise
We LIKE long posts, Sarah Lou!!! Glad the sunshine helped. Fantasy gardening is one of my fave pastimes, reality gardening not so much fun - still cut & stung from the nettles/brambles - but it looks a lot better out there. I am glad I made most of sun too, as now it is drizzly & grey. Ugh. Gonna work indoors today & then go out for a quick blitz again at tea time. Where is this energy coming from? NOW I know what 810 is for!!!

Sarah, YAY!!!!!!!!!!! for your 1lb loss. No wonder your CDC hugged you, you clever thing. And a real hero for staying on track. Hugs from me too!

Mornin' Mia, keep on keeping on! And hiya AbFab, well done again on your fabby weight loss! Bet you are floating on air today! (Feeling randomly very happy today, wish i knew how to work the smileys, if i did, I'd put in the 'group hug' one because you are all so lovely.)

Thanks Ab Fab I'm not just saying this but minimins is keeping me sane and beeing able to chat to people is a god send!! I only got my mini laptop this year, best Birthday pressie I ever had!! :) have a good day yourself


Absolutely Determined!
Oooh cross-posting...

I agree Sarah..minimins rocks!! It makes me feel so much better to know that others are on the same journey as me. It's a blessing :) xx


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Morning all,

Abz- I'm raring to go with SS today after enjoying my SS+ meal last night too.

Kirsteen- hope you enjoy body pump!

Sarah- Well done on your loss, thats great!

My CDC can't make Thurs for my WI so it's tomorrow instead, will only be 5 days since last WI so fingers crossed for that. I hope the SS+ meal doesn't affect it too much but I don't feel bad or guilty about having it and it didn't make me want to eat everything in sight!

Really got to do some cleaning today, the house really needs it!


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well done on the loss sarah lou. i hope things get sorted for you soon :)

sorry you are feeling crappy today mia but continuing is the best way to feel better :) you've done really well to get straight back into things today.

well, time does indeed seem to be passing but good grief i wish it would go a little faster!! ha.

abz xx


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oh god. since it's a warm day the fan is on behind me for the other chap working in IT. and i'm frozen!! oh. ok. he's just turned it off :D

abz xx

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