Ultimate Goal

So... My motivation has been kicked well untruly into action....

I have always said that life is for living... and that is what I intend to do:

GOAL ONE: to be 11 stone by my birthday (09/03/07)
GOAL TWO: to complete my course at University (Graphic Design)
GOAL THREE: to get fit
(as I love sport but my weight has been my excuse for too long now)

GOAL FOUR: Mexican Jungle Challenge (22/06/07-01/06/07)


To reach the pinnacle of my fitness and for the whole experience... but mainly to raise money for a worthy cause!

This will involve fundraising and many many hours at the gym!

At present the charity is unconfirmed...

I am thinking of Make A Wish:

Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK

I think these poor kids need something special for all that they go through!
Good for you!
As part of your fitness 'regime' can i suggest
Cool Running :: The Couch-to-5K Running Plan
It really DOES work and is amazing how at 17 stone i managed to start running!
I ran a 5k race for life on the back of my 'training' and did it in a not bad time.. for a non-runner like myself.

I now ride horses once a week and we own a pony so don't get much time to run, but know it really helped me to become fit enough to trot for 30 mins upwards! lol for those that don't ride.. yes the horse does most of the work but it's a blooming good cardiovascular work out! lol

Good luck! I'm POSITIVE you'll make it, and will sponsor you when you choose your charity!

I second that good for you you sound so positive you will do it.
Hope to here more about how you get on
hugs and more hugs for being so positive