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US Troop Jailed For Life Over Rape


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I apologise is this is too harrowing, and it is harrowing...but

I would like to view this as i find it so horrifying and disturbing indeed...and its playing on my mind since i first heard it.

I'd personally like to get my hands around them guys neck...

Life in prison - god i hope it is...Not the kinda justice i'd like and i'm not a blood thirsy person but this is particularly henious...

All we can do is pray...no one deserves an end like that...God help us all.

US Troop Jailed For Life Over Rape - Yahoo! News UK

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Yes, i'd quite like to rip their balls off with a rusty spoon. Apparently they 'stalked' this poor young girl for weeks...plotting...planning...waiting to pounce...

God help us all.

Casulties of war pay the ulitmate price...

F*cking b*stards...doesnt even deserve prison...deserves to get a good going over for wat he did....I feel very strongly about rape cases and I dont think any punishment is ever enough....

Plus he has the possibility of parole...wat kind of justice is that.... wat happened to 'love thy neighbour as thyself' and all that stuff....deserves to rot


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Its not just rape though...

they gang raped the 14 year old - killed her parents and 6 year old sister before brutalising her some more and killing her...

The depths of despair make it hard to have faith at times...

Mercy on us.



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I know, the whole thing is a disgrace.....I hope the US are proud of their troops that they send to places that dont even want them
Sadly its the tip of the iceberg...

And sadly for most - justice will never be seen.


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