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walking home from work

seeing as i hate the gym, hate any type of exercise,
lol .......... Im naturally lazy and took me 4 weeks to get and exercise and if I dont I feel tired,also this weightloss maintance is about life style change for good so if walkings what you feel you will do for ever then thats good :)
Activity points id have to go ww online it will be a low activity prob 2 Ap points but Im not sure,I only earn 2 AP on the treadmill for 30 minutes sweating so its amazing how much exercise we have to do to earn AP,I never use them as I lose slow and have lots to lose.

Well done hope you feel better for your daily walk x
Thats a really good idea :) I wish I could, i'm 11 miles from work :(
You could try parking a few miles from work if you fancy walking. Sometimes I get the bus in and jog home, I am about 5 miles from work. Wouldn't have time in the mornings to jog in tho, by the time I drop the kids off its rush rush rush lol. I only work 3 days tho, so I can fit in the jog home easily enough.


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Well done on the walking its one of the best forms of exercise and cheap too :)

Activity points depend on your weight, the intensity of your exercise and for how long so cant really help with that one.

Keep up the good work, cant really do it myself as cant see me walking down the dual carriageway and motorway at 4am or 9pm


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well done, thats fab!! Keep it up! :)

I can't help with activity points, like Vanda says, they depend on your weight and the intensity of the walking etc. Do you have the activity points paper guide?


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It's a really good idea if you live near enough to work to walk there. It's such a good routine to get into! Fitting in exercise around your usual day is the best way to make sure you stick with it. I've been walking to work and back for three weeks - 6 miles each day. Even more if I've got meetings to walk to as well. Picking up shopping etc on the way back to carry makes it an even better workout :)

Sorry can't help with working out APs because as everyone has said it depends on the length of time/your weight etc. There is a special formula to work it out.

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