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How much water do you drink on a daily basis? Do you drink tap, tap filtered, or bottled mineral?

I haven't drunk enough for a few years, no idea why that happened, it just did! I came to the conclusion today that I needed to do something about it, as my mouth, lips and eyes are dry. So I am starting off aiming for a litre a day. I know I can definitely achieve this during the day, then what I drink at the gym and home will be extra :D

I needed a flavoured bottle water though, lemon and lime preferably. The Food Standards Agency recommends 1.2 litres. (http://www.eatwell.gov.uk/healthydiet/nutritionessentials/drinks/drinkingenough/) There are a lot of myths about water; I watched a very interesting documentary last year on how we don't actually need the 2.5 litres that a lot of people recommend. But I think you know when you're dehydrated, and therefore need to do something about it - so here I am, day 1!! Something else to obsess about :rolleyes: lol
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There are a lot of myths about water; I watched a very interesting documentary last year on how we don't actually need the 2.5 litres that a lot of people recommend. lol
Very true, and many people think that tea and coffee are duiretics, which they are not.

But, the 2.5L is required on a ketogenic diet as being in ketosis can be dehydrating.

Most people on traditional diets are okay though. Your body tell you :)


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This is where I really struggle! I have never been a big drinker and I don't feel dehydrated so forcing myself to drinks loads of water can be agony. It also just goes straight through me and I end up going to the loo every 1/4 of an hour! This is really impractical when I'm both at work and out socially!!
I don't drink no where near enough anything let alone water I find it a real struggle and have been trying to up the intake I'm having for a while now but it just makes me need to go to the loo ALL the time if I do and gives me stomach pains for some unknown reason hence why I don't drink alot of anything*

*alcohol not included ;) lol


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after doing cambridge drinking water isn't a problem as long as i remember to do it. i tend to drink 2-3 litres when i'm being good and i feel well hydrated at that. but i think 1-2 is a good estimate. am only just getting back into it and my body can't thank me enough for the stuff!! haven't to drink sugar free juice at the mo though as work's new water cooler makes the water taste rank...

abz xx


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Hey I drink 1.5 litres a day at work been doing it for months now so its pretty much become a habit.
I drink the stuff that comes out of out drinking water tap at work - tastes quite nice.
I'm not very good when I'm at home or at the weekend though. I don't drink any water just loads of Pepsi Max - I'm absolutely addicted to it, which I'm sure isn't doing me any good but coz it doesn't have any calories I just don't have the incentive to stop drinking it.
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on any diet, I aim to drink 4 pints of water a day, it can help with weight loss, and hungry cravings!!

On cd I am drinking so much more, and NOT running to the loo all the time now either hehe

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