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***wednesday*** lets do it hr by hr***

Your starting early Susan! Did get up at 6.20am as usual with OH. Both him and youngest are now at work/school. I've had my choc shake for breaky and a black coffee. Will shower now and start on the water after that. I'm working from home today and they are always the easiest ones for me.
Have a good day.
Morning all,

Half way down my first litre and just finished my porridge.

Ive had the toffee & walnut shake Susan, i wouldnt say its a really strong taste but i do tend to mix my shakes with a lot more than the recommended amount of water.

Hope you all have a great day
Morning all

Bit miffed as the scales haven't budged since last Friday, but I am one and a half litres down and also a chocolate mint shake down... Really hoping to see a loss on the scales tomorrow morning. I know I shouldn't but I can't help weighing myself every morning :)
Morning everybody.
I have them regularly susan, and I cant even taste the walnut in them, they are very sweet and very toffeeish. Mix it at the right strength and then if its too strong water it down a bit. I have mine warm and its very comforting and indulgent. Hope you enjoy.
Well last night I did it. I went swimming. I wasn't embarrased because the way I think is that the way I look is nobody elses business. If smebody were to look at me critically then they should adjust their attitude, not me. Nobody did though and I had a lovely time. The water was a lovely temperature especially for somebody in ketosis, it was like stepping into a warm bath. I did loads of resistance exercises at the side in the deep end, and did loads of different kind of strokes. I do a sort of ministry of funny walks thing under water which I think amused the young lads who were the lifeguards lol.
I dont like normal exercise, but I do love going to the pool, so that is what I will be doing from now on.
The doc gave me a keep fit prescription.
Have a great day everybody and keep your peckers up!!!
Lynne x


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Morning everyone
Another grey day here. I have only had water so far, I tend to have my porridge about 10ish..Day 17 and feeling fine.

Hope you all have a great day.

thanks all i will get a couple of the toffee and walnut tonight.

just gonna have a black coffee.


getting slimmer
susan you def are an early starter!!

i'm on day 2 of a re start.

gotta go work now, cleaning for a couple hours, sojust having water before and gonna have a shake when i finish.

the bread in the bread bin is SCREAMING at me to put it in the toaster, but, like i said on another post, i've put my earplugs in and am gonna go out!!

enjoy your morning guys, sure i'll be back on here later, its the only thing that keeps me sane!!! xx
Morning. The toffee shake does have a walnut taste to it but I don't like walnuts but like the shake.

I feel rough today, pains in my stomach and a headache and generally not at my best. Gotta be in work in half an hour but can't leave the house until the software update on my phone has finished so might be late.
I am with everyone....ready to do hour by hour. I have had a ltr of water and not had my pack yet - not hungry yet!
Morning all, day 1 for me today! I feel so much better being back on minis, I know I'm going to do it ths time!


Doing Slimming World
Afternoon all,

I've got a days holiday from work today. I had porridge with a teaspoon of chocolate shake in it (not a fan of that combination actually, I thought I would be!). Had my hair trimmed & re-highlighted and am sitting here glugging water.

I am really craving a bag of crisps today - altho I know I am not needing it really, just fancy it!

WI tomorrow eve for me, got tomorrow afternoon off work too.


getting slimmer
step away from the crisps mr2!!

ive had half a shake and a hot savoury.

also went for my gym induction, and REALLY like it!!
wanna go again for an hour tonight!!

gonna half my other half a shake in a min, before i pick my little boy up from school.

enjoy your afternoon guys! x
1 litre, 3 cups of coffe down
half shake and 1 soup food wise.
been cooking ,loads of food for the family today, haven`t even wanted to lick my fingers, but did have to wash hands quickly while making choc cake,

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