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WEEK 37 WEIGH-IN and I am on my way to RTM!!!!!

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I get to eat next Tuesday!!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Right - a few weeks ago I said I wanted to lose 1/2 stone and then start RTM. Whenever that would be.

It's next week as it goes!!!

2.6 more pounds banished, and that puts me 3/4 stone above goal.

I am starting RTM next week! I know there are still 7 days - but I think I can safely say: OH MY GOD - I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I a,m on my penultimate flower on my ticker - and I am .2 from NORMAL!!!!! :rotflamo: shock horro! ME! Normal!! :rotflmao: :D




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You are amazing, such an inspiration and you've worked your butt off (literally!) to get to this point. You must feel sooooo good about yourself. Are you salivating yet?
Thats fantastic well done you!

That's FAB BL!!! You have been a true inspiration to me this last 5 months and with your positivity, continue to be! I'm 7.5lbs off goal and so I'm nipping at your heels at the moment.

PS: Sorry for the lack of posts just lately, life has been rather hectic to reply but I have been checking in on everyone's progress - keep up the good work guys!!
Thanks everyone!!

I am feeling over the moon!!! To know the end is in sight means only one thing - that I have actualy made it from the start, 8-1-08 to end. I have never known what that actually feels like when it comes to dieting - and I do now! I can sum it up in one wor:

abso-freakin-lutely-wonderfully-fantasticlly-amazinglyCOOL!!!!!! :D :D

I am excited about RTM and nervous at the same time.

Now the real work begins....... :)

Wish me luck!!! xxxx
How fabulous you are a walking example of how to do all action and thinking women.:party0019:
I salute you what a great feeling it is to get to goals each one is a step towards the other, Thank you for your story its been amazing Maria
Wow BL that is amazing well done you.

Fear not RTM was way easier for me than abstinence. Stick to the rules and you will be fine.

Well done my friend I know exactly how you feel. I can remember the two of us in January wondering if we would ever make it and look here we are in our size 12 glory.

Great news BL! You've been such an inspiration, I hope we don't lose you completely on this thread once you're in RTM.
Ditto what everyone else has said. I have read your diary and find you to be a fascinating and incredible person. Look how far you have come in such a short space of time.

Celebrate and enjoy your new life. Congratuations you deserve it!!!!!!!
Well done BL!! What is 8/9 months when it comes to having completely and utterly changed your life, for the better!! Hope you will stay in touch!
Well done BL I knew you would do this I am so pleased to see you get there Just 1 more week then food I also know you are going to keep it off you are a star :flowers:
well done bl thats excellent are you scared about re introducing food again and doese that mean your still on food packs pluss a meal ? and is it the same price or cheaper sorry for questions im a nosey moo !! i`ve felt so hungrey this week im dreaming of that day ...
congrates again i think your wonderful x
THanks all!!

Mini Mimms - thank you hon. :) Scared is too strong a word really. I am anxious. Anxious to taste something - and for texture - don't want to go into too much details....but you know what I mean. And anxious about hunger returning.....and how I will react. Or cope. I know how I will react - CLOSE MY MOUTH!! :D

I would be silly to think at last it gets easy. The abstainance is the easy part. NOW - the hard work will begin, and carry on, hopefully for the rest of my life....though it will become easier. One year. :D

It's a challenge - and I am up for the challenge. The prrof will be in the pudding, but I feel deep inside that I will never be fat again. I have chased and faced my demons. I won. I love me, and hate them. That was the problem before. I will never return to the life I led just 8 months ago. Ever. And I know that. But that doesn't mean I am not a bit anxious for it all to begin. ;) :)

It goes to one meal aday and one less pack, for a bit, then shifts, etc., till you phase out all packs, and yes, the costs will drop accordingly - which will be a welcome thing.

I don;t complaint, at all about 66 quid a week. For these kind of results, and the change in me mentally and physicially - I would happily have paid double. Worth every single cent. But I will be happy to have a few other pennys to play with. To pay for, <cough> my um, <cough> new shopping addiction!! :D :D :D

Be nosey all you like! I am happy to share everything. As anyone who read my diary knows!!! :D :D


I am really happy.
I just re-read my post.

Without any thought, I wrote. "I love me..."

<somewhat stunned silence> That came out of me without any thought. THAT is proof of what this diet can do for you.

ALl those of you out there who think you have a long hard road ahead of you: YOU DON'T!!!! Trust me - stick with this - grin and bear the rough moments - don't make excuses - stick to the plan 100% - and you really WILL change your life. I promise you. Hand on heart.

Wow BL that is amazing well done you.

Fear not RTM was way easier for me than abstinence. Stick to the rules and you will be fine.

Well done my friend I know exactly how you feel. I can remember the two of us in January wondering if we would ever make it and look here we are in our size 12 glory.

<<<hugs>>> I know Tange - I am glad for your company all alonge the journey! What changes we have made, ay? January! Wow - "today" seemed so so soooooooo far away last January - and here we are - in our size 12s!!

<high 5> We did it doll!!! We axtually did it! HOW COOL ARE WE!!!!!!!!! :cool::cool: :rotflmao:

Ya know, we must meet one day you. We really must try and make one of the meets sometime. Or meet up for coffee - etc. Would be amazing. Where are you anyway??

Thanks Tange - you have always been so supportive and encouraging - been great to share with you.

I hope our other compatriots (Lady, x-katie-x, Xorey, Mikey, Gaz, Kellie, Donna Lou, Lemma, Slimssea, AliBongo, DebG, so many I can't list them without surely forgetting someone - but you know who you are....) I hope they are all well, and happy, whatever they are doing now. ANd I really miss them all so much. (but I know you are here Kellie ;) xx) I had never really thought about how we would all be around while going through it, but at the ends of our journeys - we wouldn;t be. Sort of thought of us as a class - like graduation - and we'd all celebrate together. That makes me a bit sad. BUt hey ho!

It feels somewhat surreal thinking of all of them, and what we went through.

And reently there is a surge of new faces here. And all are excited, and scared, and nervous, and frustrated, and hopeful and optomisitc - all those things we all were.

Kind of feels like it felt graduating high school.

Terribly exciting. Terribly scary. Terribly happy. And even Terribly sad.


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