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** Weekly Weigh-In - Saturday 1st January to Friday 7th January

If you're a weekly weigher, feel free to post your weight loss for the week on the day you have your weigh-in. Then we can see what our combined loss is for the week, and try and spur ourselves on. Hopefully there will be some brilliant losses this week and next as people start for the first time or climb back on the wagon over Christmas. (Please can someone sticky this thread.)

thanks xx
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Great idea for a thread - can we do this each week please?? When i was on cd the yr before last they have teams where u submit ur weekly wi result n then the team got a total each week n spurred each other on throughout the week as needed. Maybe we could all do something collective together in a similar way? A new thread for each week? Just an idea for motivation...
Hi Claire,
Yes indeed, I was thinking a new thread each week and to work out the equivalent of what we've lost. I was thinking of adding together our weekly totals as the weeks go on, I think it will be quite an impressive amount of weight we'll have lost altogether!

We did weekly weigh-ins on here back in October / November and I found it really helpful :)

Here's to our fantastic losses coming up in 2011 xxx
How about we find out a core group of peeps who are willing n wanting to join in each week n have it as one big 'team', totalling up each week? Ofc new peeps can join in as they start if they wish but then say for example we have i dunno 10 weekly weighers for the thread.. once we have the total at the end of the week we can divide it by how many people submitted in their wi results to get an average loss?? Then make it our incentive to beat the average loss the following week?
Oooh, I like the idea of doing an average each week as well as a total (although the next two weeks will probably be unusually high with lots of people starting out and restarting after Christmas / New Year breaks)
I love it :)
We can just do the average for the people that 'submit' their losses each week, and see what happens....I'm really excited, it's my first weigh-in tomorrow morning... fingers crossed I'll have lost a little bit.
Good idea, averages it is then. Whoever has submitted by the end of each week will be included in the total to work out the average. And please peeps, still submit any sts's or gains or whatever as this needs to be all inclusive for everybody so we get each other through!

We need to set an end day and time for final results to be submitted by hun so then the averages can be worked out n posted. Could do with a main tally somewhere for each weeks average result to be added to so we can see how're we're doing week on week... Maybe a sticky for this tally to be updated at the end of each week n just create new threads like this one at the start of each week for them to then slip off the end of the page after the end of the week??
We can just work out the totals / averages at the end of the week, as it will include weigh-ins up until the Friday, so we can work out totals / averages on the Saturday :)
Oooh, I like the idea of one thread showing the totals / averages for each week as we go along. Let's see how many people join in this week and go from there. Will be great to see our losses adding up!
Well done Cybill! Good idea! Its nice to have a specific place to post and to see other losses as opposed to everyone having seperate threads in the main forum! xx


I will never give up
its 7lb loss for me today.