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** Weighty Matey's Jolly June Thread**


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ive gone through last month and got this past weeks figures but pm me if ive missed you i will deffo try and keep updated regularly
Good Luck

Becca Wecca --2lbs,-2lbs,-1lbs, -1lbs (lost 6lbs)
Chickyb16 --1.5lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (lost 1.5lbs)
Cupotea -0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (lost lbs)
Donnajt- 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (*newbie*)
Evilpenguin - -2lbs, +4.5lbs, -3.5lbs, NoWI (lost 1lb)
Happy Holidays -Target Member woop woop :clap:
KirstyO - 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (lost lbs)
Livi - , 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (lost lbs)
Lonestitcher - -10.5lbs, sts, -2.5lbs, -0.5lbs, +0.5lbs (lost 13lbs)
Losingme - +1lbs , -1lbs, +2.5lbs, -4.5lbs, +2.5lbs (gain 0.5lbs)
metrognome- -1lbs, +0.5lbs, 0lbs 0lbs (lost 0.5lbs)
Madrilena - 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (lost lbs)
Mollysmum1 - +6lbs, -1lbs, -2lbs, sts (gain 3 lbs)
MrsMc- , -2.5bs, -0.5lbs, -3.5lbs, -2lbs, 0lbs (lost 8.5lbs)
Pesty - , +2.5lbs,-3.5lbs, +0.5lbs, -3.5lbs (lost 4.5 lbs)
Pickle87- -4.5lbs,-4lbs, -0.5lbs, 0lbs (lost 9lbs)
Sarahandmolly - +1lbs, -3lbs, +0.5lbs, NoWI (lost 1.5 lbs)
Stacieg - 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (lost lbs)
*Theresa*- 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (lost lbs)
Terri1985 - -1lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (lost 1lbs)
toofatkat - 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (lost lbs)
Vickiw - NoWI, +7.5lbs, -1lbs, -0.5lbs (gain 6lbs)
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some of us (good or bad i dont know yet) have 5 WI's this month if you are one of those special persons let me know, and ill adjust the chart accordingly,
go get them lbs xxx
Hi everyone Thank you for taking over Losing me well done. Oh dear I have to report that after a lovely holiday I gained last week 6 lb. Cannot believe it as I swam every day, walked miles and ate, or so I thought, sensibly! Weigh in tomorrow and hoping for good news x
Thanks for taking over the running of this wonderful weighty mateys team!!!!!

A STS for me this week. Quite happy with this as I was expecting a 'gain bounce' after such a great loss last week.

Good luck to my fellow Mateys. Offwards and downwards!!!!!
I lost 4lbs today, got my 4stone award and sotw. :)
Hi all! :wave_cry:

I am SO SO sorry about not getting back to the people who PM'd me! There were the 3 of you. Well at least I didn't have the hard decision of choosing :p
I haven't been on here for a while as my daughter has started school this week, I have had the week off and I am been SO busy it's untrue! :(

So my 1st WI for June was 1lb on :cry: better luck this Saturday eh?!

Well done on all the losses so far, I will say it seems a bit of a relief that I don't have the captain's hat on any longer as I couldn't give it 100% xx


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Hi sarah oh what a milestone having a littlelun start school but as you can see dont think itll mean more time for you just more time to have more running around to do he he he i know the feeling
glad to have you back hope its ok that i carried on although added the link to other months thread not many have migrated over :( oh well they may return xx

PS also updated chart pg1


Not evil at all
Aaargh 4.5lbs on for me this week!! Hopefully I'll have better news next week!

Good luck guys x
Hiya eveyone...I have not been on in ages then got this friendly wee reminder so I am back. Am not going to join Junes as so far it is not off to a flying start and I am off on hols next week so its only going to get worse but I will join July's one and you lot can help me get back on track as appear to have lost my way a little bit lately :(
Hi so glad to see the team is picking up again. Lost 1lb this week - thank you for the magic dust x
3lb off for me this week :)
Ooh Lynn look at you! I hope I win it! :D

Have a good week everyone xx