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**Weighty Mateys Marvellous May Thread**

Right ladies and gents... here is the May thread! :D (...at last!) Good Luck :cross:

B2buuuuuuuu - 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (Loss: 0lbs)
Becca Wecca - 1lbs, 2lbs, 2lbs, +2lbs (Loss: 3lbs)
Chickyb16 -sts, 3lbs, 3lbs, 0.5lbs (Loss: 6.5lbs)
Cupotea -5lbs, 1.5lbs, 2.5lbs, 1.5lbs (Loss: 10.5lbs) *Newbie*
Evilpenguin - sts, sts, 1.5lbs, 0lbs (Loss: 1.5lbs)
H*Bomb- 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (Loss: 0lbs)
Happy Holidays - 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (Loss: 0lbs)
Hobbithead - 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (Loss: 0lbs)
Honeyoc-0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (Loss: 0lbs) *Newbie*
KirstyO - 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (Loss: 0lbs)
Livi -7lbs, 1.5lbs, +1lbs, 0lbs (Loss: 7.5lbs) *Newbie*
Lonestitcher -+1lbs, 2lbs, +0.5lbs, 0lbs (Loss: 0.5lbs)
Losingme -1.5lbs, sts, 0lbs, sts (Loss: 1.5lbs)
Luverick -1.5lbs, 3.5lbs, 2lbs, 2lbs (Loss: 9lbs) *Newbie*
Madrilena -0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (Loss: 0lbs)
Mollysmum1 - 2lbs, 2lbs, 2lbs, sts (Loss: 6lbs)
MrsMc- 3lbs, no WI, 1.5lbs, 0lbs (Loss: 4.5lbs)
Mrd_Lever -0lbs, 8lbs, 2lbs, 2lbs (Loss: 12lbs) *Newbie*
Pesty - 6lbs, sts, 0lbs, 0lbs (Loss: 6lbs)
Philly X - 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (Loss: 0lbs)
Pickle87- 2.5lbs, 1.5lbs, 1lbs, 0lbs (Loss: 5lbs)
Sarahandmolly -2.5lbs, 1lbs, No WI, 0lbs (Gain: 1.5lbs)
Shrinking_Bev -7lbs,4.5lbs, 2.5lbs, 1.5lbs (Loss: 15.5lbs) *Newbie*
Stacieg -3lbs, 0.5lbs, 1lbs, 2.5lbs (Loss: 7lbs)
*Theresa*- 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (Loss: 0lbs)
Terri1985 -2lbs, 2.5lbs, 3.5lbs, 4lbs (Loss: 12lbs) *Newbie*
toofatkat -0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs, 0lbs (Loss: 0lbs)
Vickiw - 0lbs, +4lbs, 1.5lbs, 0lbs (Gain: 2.5lbs)
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Committed Loser
I weighed in yesterday...does that go on this may thread? i'm only confused cos did post it on the april one...

well if it did I lost 7lbs :)
Great. I get the dubious honour of being the first Weighty Matey gainer in May!!!

1 lb on for me this week. Well done everyone else!!!!!


Is a crunchy mama!
Oooh so what's this then? Get weighed every week and post your loss? I'd like to join!!
Well done losers. I lost 2.5lb this week :)
Thank you hun :) xx


Now to maintain.....
can i join in please?? i weigh in mondays so my first may weigh in was last week and was 1.5lb.
fingers crossed for a good weigh in tomorrow.
Hey hey... lost 0.5lb on friday blimming annoying! all off I guess!


Committed Loser
Hey everyone! 1.5 lost today!

COuld have been better but I know where I've gone wrong so hopefully will make up for it next week :)


Full Member
Sorry to let the side down guys but I gained 4lb in the first week of May and sts this week. I'm letting myself down big time at the moment but got tons of stress and only way I know how to cope is by eating. :(

Hoping to be better next week - if not I may disappear for a while.

Well done to everyone else - there are some big losers in this team!