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Weird gurgling noises....

First day today. So far so good... until about a hour ago:

Im sitting at home on the phone - my stomach starts to gurgle......... ok I thought thats normal - but it carried getting more violent and noisy by the minute. Sounds hilarious now... but what about if it does this in a meeting at work 2m? lol

It may have been the soup I was eating at the time? Has anyone had that with the mushroom soup?

Back to the shakes for the last 1, I think!

Apart from that its been a good first day.

How you all doing?

:p:eek::p :eek::p:eek::p:eek::p:eek::p:eek::p
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I feel like I have company! Im not alone...
it sounds like there having a party in my stomach! lol
it does calm down after a few days it is your tummy rumbling saying feed me! when you are in ketosis and only feeling emotional hunger it subsides - I am sure others will agree.
Thanks Ameythist.

Hey Mrs Lard . Im just reading april 2007 @ the lards arms! enjoying it loads.

I dont feel like I can eat my last pack ?! I know I should. Think i'll go and try the hot choc - worked for you Mrs Lard!

Peanut xxxx


Likes to laugh
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Peanut, i had the hot choc tonight - i defo prfer it to the choc mint. Dont make it too watery and youll have a nice comforting drink :)

How u doing otherwise? x
Major gurgler here! One llc said 'think of it as the fat burning' and so I do. Much better since the new bars. Had to really plan eating the old bars so as not to be in a confined space with other people for hours afterwards...:eek:
I need a whisk! I made the soup and hot choc last night and could bearly drink them! im going to the shops at lunch to get one.
I think i need to work out the consistancey of the drinks im making... I think im making them too watery as the hot choc was just lumpy.

The gurggling stopped and I feel like I have lost weight today? Is that mad its only been a day?
Hey Jemma,

Im doing ok - slept well woke up and wasnt starving so thats good and I just made my shake in the work kitchen and didnt feel embrassed just got on with it!

Im supposed to be going to a party on Sat night - but I think im going to give it a miss as I think I will drink otherwise! How do you find going out?

Peanut xxx


Likes to laugh
S: 20st4lb C: 19st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 41.8 Loss: 1st3lb(5.99%)
Going out? hahah!

Nah im only kidding!

Im only on day 5 SS and tbh i havent been out yet. I think ill wait about 2 weeks to really get into th eswing of things before i venture out in to a world of foood!! If you trust yourself then go for it! A bit of a boogie will be great for weightloss and cheer you up no end. Even go and dont stay long? I bet you wont drink because theres waaaay too much guilt involved in this diet lol.

Try get a shaker cup for work! (gives your arm a workout too :p)


I only dance because im drunk! haha

Peanut xxx


Likes to laugh
S: 20st4lb C: 19st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 41.8 Loss: 1st3lb(5.99%)
Ach away with ye!!

Dance anyway OR pretend your pi*sed because you sank a half btle of vodka in the house :p x


Finally...Life begins
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I too get the gurgling noises!! thought it was just me going mad as I don't feel hungry but my tummy sounds it!
Its weired isnt it Ajax..... well i'll try another soup tonight (thai chilli) and see if theres a rumble in the jungle.

Good call Jem! I can give it a try altho bottle of vodka.... id be hammered! lol

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