WEMITT Birmingham meet 25 & 26th Nov 2006

Hi Kam,
On the Cambridge Diet Forum, there is a thread called "anyone from the south coast insterested"......
A "meet" is being organised in Portsmouth for the end of January, and I plan on going down by train and staying over. Although not strictly just "Wemitt" this would be a good next place to catch up - I know Debbie is going.
You'll be at goal then Kam!!!
Ann xxx
Thanks Ann,

I'm down for that one!

Goal...LOL I've got quite along way to go yet. If I keep as focused as I am now I hope I'll be at goal by my 15th Wedding Anniversay in May!

Kam x
By this time next week we should all be just arriving (or already be at!) the Jurys Inn for our weekend.:D

I for one am looking forward to it very much and am very excited:D

See you all soon ladies:D

.......and I'll be the one trailing behind the tall, stunning ,long dark haired Mandy;)

Seriously - I reckon we will all recognise each other from our Avatar pics!

See you there................!!

*cough... are you SURE about that Mich??????:eek: :D :eek: :eek: ;)

Yeah sure Jennie - can't imagine there will be many laydees modelling that style of dressing gown in the foyer of the Jurys Inn at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon.....LOL;) ;)

(ps - seen your pic in the gallery.....!)

(pps - you staying over now?)

Jennie - don't forget your dressing gown;)

Ann, Irene et el - looking forward to seeing you all soon - this time next week we'll be bustin some moves on the dance floor at Flares (and probably be drunk them dry ...... of water of course:D )

Nope, just me staying Ann... managed to sort out a room so thought stuff it, might do me some good to have a night away! :D I'm going to ring Ailsa and let her know in the morning as I only just sorted it out before heading out to the wine bar! :D I'm really looking forward to it! x
Just tried to get train ticket and the line between Derby and Birmingham is closed this weekend for engineering works!! No trains. There is no way I could drive to Jury's Inn again - nightmare last time - and that was with Michael driving.
Have to see about a bus.
Ann x
Really wish I was coming to see all my Wemitt buddies this weekend :(

I hope you have a fantastic time - and looking forward to a time when I can catch up with you all again .. very soon I hope :)

Lots of love