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Went Shopping:)

And had an unofficial weigh in:)
Lost 5bls 2nd weigh in but the real 2nd one isn't till 2moro!
I promised i wouldn't buy any clothes but I only have things too big or too small now!

I got some FAB stuff in pennys(primark)
Oh yippie and everything looks great on, all size 14s and one size 10 dress(on the sale rail for 3quid, looks great on THAT'S probably why it was on the sale rail cos there's NOWAY it's a real size 10, but am i complaining?!?)
Not yet in 14 jeans but 14 dresses and skirts and a 12 jumpery top.

I know it was pointless as they wont fit soon but I've gotten so many complements today and the man beside me said "ooo are you going modeling today"

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aw Daisy, that sounds fab! (especially the size 10!)

I think although lots of us have ranges of sizes in our wardrobes on LT - it IS still important to have clothes that fit properly, even if they don't fit for very long. It's important to feel good :) i guess it's a question of not buying too much, or buying the right things. Like i feel bad if my jeans are big and baggy and bulky so i needed a new pair even if they only fit for a month. supermarkets are good for budget clothes i awlays think.
Very true Elle, I feel like a new person!
I was very sensible actually, with the style that's out now the things I bought will actually look really good when over sized!



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well done daisy, i dont think i need to buy i have that much in my wardrobe that doesnt fit me any more and used to! i'm goin out next thurs and i hav a top i really hope will fit me by then and a pair of jeans, havent worn them in 3 years so cant wait to try on thus and hope they fit!!!
Ooo fingers crossed for you Nic!
I'm heading out tonight for the first time since starting, actually really looking forward to it:)


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my spare room is my dumping ground for all too big (and my new too-small-but-couldn't-resist) clothing. It seriously needs sorting into ebay/charity/recycle piles but it just keeps getting more and more full. Argh!

It's all great though :)
I just give my old clothes to very gratefull friends,
i really really love clothes and i love seeing someone else getting a wear out them too.
All the charity shops around my way are choc-a-block and don't take anything during the summer!


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Thanks daisy have a great night tonight, have people u goin out with seen u since weight loss?

Elle kno how u feel I've 2 wardrobes full in spare room that r 2 small for me goin to wait till i've lost 2 stone to sort tru them ! but have started filling the bag for the charity shop allready with clothes that r 2 big! its some feeling ;) :)


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i'd give some clothes to friends but most are a lot smaller than me anyway :) i'll be wanting their cast-offs soon i hope!

it's a fab feeling Nicolas - and long may it continue!
Well i'm kind of worried too cos a few of the girls haven't seen me since I was a 10/12 so i'll be showing off a new figure alright, just not the one I want!:(

Also saw one of my exes friends in town yesterday...i looked pretty "awight" even if i do say so myself :p
Well done Daisy, those clothes will fit you very soon, and the size 10 dress :wow:just a dream for my at the moment, but a size 10 all the same ;)

I do need to buy some more smaller clothes for work, but the ones I have are only 3wk old :p but I feel awful in them so I can feel a shopping spree coming on too ;)
Oh believe me, there's no way it's a real size 10!!
It's about a 16, oh it's lovely!
Peach and cream and really cute and summery!


Positivity is the key
Glad you had fun and success shopping. Enjoy, it will only get better.
Sounds lovely, I would leave the label sticking out too if it was me lol x
what a feeling init well done xxx

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