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What are you fav evening snacks?

Mine are a kellogg's fibre plus bar or alpen light choc and fudge as my hexb and a hot chocolate milk form my hexa an a couple of syns for the light hot choc.
I also like dipping strawberries in Active fat free yogs.
What are your fav snacks??

God i love slimming world :bananalove:
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i love the boots shaper bars crispy caramel, lemon , mint choc and blueberry they are between 4.5 and 5 syns and r yummy :)
S: 13st0.9lb G: 10st0lb
I always have a mug of Options chocolate each night helps with the chocolate cravings and if I have enough syns left I will have a couple of Pink N Whites with it. Just seems to help with the sugar cravings
Thats what i do some days i love saving my syns for the evening if something is on TV or if i just was to relax for the evening with the laptop.


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Beetroot, parsnip and potato crisps, done the sw way!
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Fibre plus bar OR ryvita minis with LC light triangles and pickled onions OR small pkts salted peanuts OR fruit and yogurt OR toasted WW brown Danish with LC light triangles and tomatoes and ham.
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Fibre plus bars or alpen bars or hifis...or if i have no healthy extra i just love berries (fresh or frozen) with greek zero yogurt or fromage frais :) Yum yum!! I sort of trick myself into thinking its like icecream if i have it with frozen berries as it gets so cold! x
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Frozen Grapes
Cup of tea with a couple of biscuits, nice or rich tea are favourites
A bowl of sugarfree jelly
Packet of low fat crisps, chipsticks or french fries normally

All of these come to under 10 syns so a mega nighttime feast


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i buy curly wurlys then put them in the freezer:) have one each night and they last longer because they've been frozen, yummy!xxxx
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oh yummy love the sound of frozen curly wurly :)
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I'm loving frozen grapes, really nice and feel like they are bad.
i buy curly wurlys then put them in the freezer:) have one each night and they last longer because they've been frozen, yummy!xxxx
I do this too! I also try not to eat many syns during the day and keep them for an evening treat ... so depending on how many syns are left I like curly wurly (6 syns) skinny cow ice ceam lolly (4.5 syns) Solero (5 syns) and if I have loads left and need a real treat... a crunchie (9.5 syns)


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My absolute fav has to me Fat Free Fromage Frais with 1 white options hot chocolate mixed in, its very yummy!! Also brilliant in an icecream maker if you have one!!


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