What made you choose your specific VLCD, and what makes you stay?

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    Cambridge Diet
    I've been wondering about this, because i've been tempted by slim and save lately, but ultimately am staying put with cambridge.

    For me, intitially I was going to do LL, but i became sceptical at how much the therapy could help - i need quite intensive work, i think - and will have it privately at the end of this process. Also, having to fit in with a scheduled start date put me off, and finally three different people told me our local LL cousellor was a bit useless.

    The only other VLCD i'd hears of was CD, and i remember hearing about it way back when i was a kid in the 80s, so it sounded legit. and cheaper.

    Now, of course i know more. And it is tempting to switch to a cheaper company. i tried the exante bars and they nearly made me sick, but the S&S ones get better reports - plus they have the spag bol / cottage pie options.

    ultimately, though, i'm staying put. firstly i like my cdc, and i like the structure that our weekly weigh-ins give. but mostly, the absolute deal-breaker is: how on earth would i cope without tetras? what are you supposed to do if you're out all day? you can have a bar, and then what?

    i tell you, the minute exante or slim and save start making tetras (ready-made shakes in cartons), they're going to make an absolute killing.
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    I picked Exante partly for the cost and partly because I like the convenience of having it delivered. I have no interest in going to a CDC or anything like that so Exante was perfect or me

    I'm not keen on the bars. I just have shakes :)
  4. BordersGirl

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    Slim & Save
    For me it was:

    Variety firstly (I did LT several years ago and could only stomach the choc shake) and I knew that I couldn't do a shake only diet again
    Products that I liked (There aren't any of the Slim and Save products that I absolutely hate and I have some favourites that I really like.
    Easy to obtain (I live out in the sticks so getting to anyone to do CD or LL wasn't really an option for me) so availability online was best for me
    Lastly price and Slim and Save is the most cost effective one I've found that ticks the other boxes above.

    The other thing is that S&S have optional veggies you can have and with one of the meals is something approaching normality. I have the veg maybe 3 or 4 days a week. This wasn't a deal breaker for me tho.

    I would love some tetras but live without them. If I'm out for the whole day I usually have a bar and take an Atkins shake in a tetra with me that whilst not a MRP keeps ketosis and tides me over occasionally. I take a multivit every day anyway. I could probably have a second bar on S&S as I don't think the carb content would take me out of ketosis.

    I think that quite a few people seem to mix and match their VLCDs in order to get the products they like. Unfortunately you can't buy the Cambridge tetras if not on CD.
  5. LucySera

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    Slim and Save
    I've been thinking the same about the tetras! Actually though, I must admit I bought a few of the Bariatrix tetras in chocolate (which aren't meal replacements unfortunately...but much lower carb) and keep one in my bag in case I get stuck somewhere and have already had my bar. Some of the MRP products from the Bariatrix product range are rebranded as Slim and Save, All About W8 etc - and as soon as they bring out a MRP tetra I'm sure so will Slim and Save ;)
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    slim & save/ exante
    I did CD a few years ago and loved it and my CDC counsellor. Over the years I have put nearly 2 stone back on and want to get rid of it before it turns into more. I have chosen exante 1. because I live abroad at the moment so would not be able to go and visit a CDC and 2. because to get a months supply it is so much cheaper. From what I have read, the weightlosses seem to be the same xx
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