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When we're all skinny, what will be your first meal?


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Is it weird that I dont crave anything at all :) ?


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You might be suprised how different food gona taste. Even how different it smels:)


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LASAGNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH COLESLAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Chicken salad :) and blueberries and oranges ... So healthy :) Halo over my head..... Maybe followed by chocolate ice cream ;-)


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After all these choccy shakes I've had I wouldnt be surprised if I never eat chocolate again haha! Chicken salad sounds yum! Xx


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Mashed potatoes with onions and gravy and mushy peas. It is weird that I love chocolate but now just dreaming of mashed spuds lol


Everything in the fridge!!

Haha!!! Only joking!!!

I think I'd go for a small slice of coffee cake as I'll be missing out on my birthday cake next week :(



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I would actually die for spaghetti carbonara and garlic bread!!! Orrrr steak and minted new potatoes with peppercorn sauce ommmm nommy nommm xx


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I'll be eating next at the Christmas markets which I looooove! So pulled pork with Apple sauce and stuffing. Prob some choc covered fruit from the choccy fountain and lots and lots of glühvein

Kuromi Jenkins

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I've decided that every time I really fancy something whilst on LT I'll write it down and then I can make it once I'm back on regular food.

My choices so far:

Chicken enchiladas
Hot dogs in fresh crunchy baguettes with cheese and beans
Beef stew & dumplings

I'm not craving things as much as I thought, even after smelling them or watching others eating it. I sat and watched my other half devour a KFC meal yesterday and didn't feel anything.


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A burrito.

A big steak burrito with rice, red peppers, mushrooms, onions, lettuce, low fat sour cream, low-fat cheese, and low-far guacamole. Yuss.

I've actually been googling pictures of burriotos while I've been on Lipotrim. Sad.


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I'm planning some grilled Cajun Chicken breast with steamed Asparagus :)


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Chicken Salad!


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my mums sunday roast :D