why me... everyone else does it


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:cry: i have tried to refocus today but have failed to the point of making myself physically ill in order to get rid of the food i ate.

Am i bulimic... what am i ...

i feel so ****, maybe i shold save my movey and quit.

thanks all, for yor support.:tear_drop:
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Aw Kara :( Don't be so hard on yourself. Many people (in fact, most people), have their struggles. It's all a learning process.

Don't give up, just keep on trying, but please don't make yourself sick. You're worth more than that.

Get back on that wagon. Ask for help. You can do this!


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Im not sure if you have seen my thread, but since my brothers accident I have been picking, thankfully the damage has not been too bad. Well as I know I cannot afford to visit him for a few weeks at least I thought I would change my attitude and get on with this diet once and for all.

Dont make yourself sick you will feel worse, try to put everything behind you and start anew, forget what has happened and try to think positive.....it does work, I have just got back into ketosis.

Try to think happy thoughts, think how you would like to be this time next year, what you want to be able to wear....

I have also joined in a 3 week weight loss challenge just to keep me focused.

Good luck hun I know how damn hard it is....and we all on this site have been where you are now......xx you are not alone.


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Don't be so hard on yourself, this is such a difficult thing to do, and most of us (definately me!) stumble along the way!

You CAN do this, it will take a lot of effort, it may take longer than you think, it may be harder than you think, you may fall along the way..... but that doesn't mean you can't get back up and keep going!

Can I ask a favour please?

In your signature strip, you have completely discounted the achievement of losing over a stone by saying you 'failed' to meet your target by 2 pounds! You lost over a stone and that is something to be proud of! Who cares if it took a week longer to get there? no one except you! Its still an achievement and I would love for you to look at it in a different way!

Our counsellor says goals are important, but it doesn't mean we can't relook at them and change them.

In answer to your question 'what am I am I bulimic?'

well, you are 'slimslow'! (sorry don't know your name!)

Doing what you did once doesn't make you Bulimic, but I would really recommend if you eat again, just allow your body to digest it and move on. There is no need to make yourself ill. The weight will come off anyway sooner or later if you stick to the diet most of the time.

Best wishes to you!