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Wii Fit + & Bathroom Scales :O

The Wii Fit is not that accurate. I always go by the bathroom scales...the Wii Fit always says I'm a bit lighter but I know the bathroon ones are right, unfortunately!


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my wii fit isnt accurate either myn say im 7lbs hevier than what the doctors scales say

youd think it would be accurate with how much it costs

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I use my wii fit on a wooden floor because I know when I first used it I tried it on carpet and got wildly different readings.

I've not actually tried weighing myself anywhere else but I do know that my son weighed himself on the wii fit and then had to go to the doctors about a week later and was weighed and it was exactly the same. I am therefore perhaps foolishly assuming that the wii fit is (reasonably) accurate. ;)
I find my wii fit is very unaccurate. I went out and bought a scales that tell me body fat. weight, water, muscle and bone ( not that take notice of muscle and bone) I only note the weight and the body fat and only stick to those scales now. They are bang on with the readings.

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