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WW Eating Out Guide

Does anyone whos had an older EO guide now have the 2007 one? Ive got one which I believe is from 2005 - its the one with the red cover and the table and chairs on the front.

Is it worth getting the 2007 one. When I was at the Brewers Fayre the other night I realised how much of their menu wasnt on it and how much of the things in the book were no longer in the menu.

I dont eat at a BF often so its not worth buying for that but I wondered if there were many other changes or new places added to the new guide.
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i think it may worth looking to for sure - unlike me i have not bothered with a books and live on my website instead but come to think of things maybe i should - i let you know and if you get it let me know x


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I am off on holiday on wednesday for a week so I may well be investing in one tonight. My friend lent me hers over the weekend which is the same one as starlight has got so when I get the new one I will let you know.
I've got a 2005 and a 2006 eating out guide, and to be honest I have found myself having to check in the 2005 guide for things not in the 2006 guide!

I don't know what the 2007 guide is like, I might pick one up from my meeting tonight - add it to my eating out guide collection, lol.


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I have the 2008 edition but can't compare as never had one before but if you ever want me to look something up just ask

Not sure how much it was at the WW class

irene xx
Don't suppose anyone knows the point's for the Frappuccino's please? like Caramel / Chocolate / strawberry and cream? I'm trying to make a book of my foods i eat from takeaways and eating out places by using their nutrition details online, like someone said on here i don't like to pay the prices of eating out and shopping guides on ebay. Any help would be very much appreciated thank you!
try this website hun....

just click on the links on the left for different food categories


hope this helps x
the eating out guides are good though, i got mine off ebay and it only cost about £6 delivered and that along with the shopping guide is invaluble!

just had a look on ebay and there are loads starting at only 99p

just type in weight watchers eating out guide x
Thank you both for your help, i will definitely check out ebay and the website, very much appreciated! :)
Is it best to get either 2008 / 2009 one? If so could someone tell me the book designs please? As many users do not tell you the year you can just see the actual book front? Thank you once again :)
That's great thank you Starlight! :D

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