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Yo-yo dieter .. please let Dukan work!

Hey All

Great forum here and lots of inspiration .. I have just started Dukan today ... Iv done TFR last year and succeeded but came off it for Xmas and guess what ... teh weight has piled back on and I just cant get into TFR the 2nd time around.

All my friends say "why dont you just eat healthy and diet more" but Im sure as many of you can sympathise with, I have a food issue and therefore I need rules and strict ones at that to make sure I do the right thing .. so here I am on the Dukan diet!

This morning I have had 2 eggs and a dash of skimmed milk scrambled in the microwave ... quite filling! I havent planned my lunch yet as Im still at work but will pop to tesco at lunch ... I have 5 days of Attack and really looking foward to that being over so i can indulge in some salad and veg!

I hope Dukan really works for me - it says I'll be at goal weight by October .. even thinking about that makes me estatic - I know I can do it this time! I was 14.3 weigh in this morning ... looking to get to 10.11 which would be a nice healthy sensible weight for me adn tomorrow, Im going to conciously make the effort to escape from my desk at lunch time and do a 20 minute walk everyday.

Dukan here I come!!

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Careful if going to Tesco for lunch - look at the back of the packets of meat and look out for hidden sugars and other nasties. Bring your own tomorrow.
Thanks guys - don't worry Im not buying any prepack things - I may get some mackerel for my lunch or some plain mussels but other than that Im just off to buy my chicken breasts, ham and turkey and some salmon to see me through the next 5 days. Oh not forgetting cottage cheese and quark - i love cottage cheese so that wont be hard going ... although gutted I cant have my favourite pineapple one! lol


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Have you got your oatbran?

You sound like a prime candidate for dukan, the strict rules are ever so helpful.

best of luck.


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Good luck, woody. Since you've already experienced problems with yo-yoing, make sure that you definitely stick to all 4 stages of Dukan and don't be tempted to skimp. I'm hoping and praying that Conso and Stab will really help us to maintain our weight loss. With any luck, it may be the answer to your yo-yo problems, too.


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Good luck!
Havent got my oatbran yet as Im not entirely sure what it is! Im off to tesco in a moment ... can I get it from there and is it clear what Im looking for? Next to the Allbran or anywhere near .... ?
excellent, thanks - im going in a minute to get it so will have some for tea tonight! might make some home made chicken kievs with it :)


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oh YUM!
Eeeek ... I went to asda instead and couldnt find it! I only found oat bran flakes by mornflake ... I bought them anyway - are they any good??

I also sat and ate a whole tub of mussels prawns and crabsticks in my car because I naughtily skipped lunch ... Oooops ;-)
Oh no! I ate a whole handful of the flakes :-( iv done so well today :-( ... Il go hunting for the right stuff tomorrow as I cant go back out today now - bugger! Lol
Hi Woody, I searched about 5 supermarkets and holland and barrat to find oat bran. The place I did find it was in Sainsburys. They sell Mornflake Oatbran Sprinkles in orange cardboard tubes in the serial section. Holland and Barratt also sell it but I got told they've discontinued it, although you may find it in some stores! Good luck with your quest!


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They also sell oatbran by mornflake in morrisons near the oats :)

In relation to the free form stuff does anyone know if oatbran is gluten free? My step dad is a coeliac and is considering dukan but nt sure if he can eat oatbran x


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i have a coeliac friend so i've checked, but oatbran isn't suitable i'm afraid. it's a shame as it's so good for you.

i got so sick of making special trips to tesco to stock up and seeing only one bag of oatbran on the shelves i've taken to buying 10 at a time when they do have it in stock. get a bit panicky if i've got less than 2 bags in reserve!

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