Yorkshire meet, 17 Feb, whos up for it??


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Hi, I've only found 1 member near me and would love to find some other Yorkies!!!

So here goes, I'll start and everyone copy and paste in!

Vicky from Brighouse, West Yorks
boo hoo, im the only yorkshire lass here, no wonder it was such a nightmare to find a cdc!

I'm in Leeds

So that makes 2 of us from Yorkshire.

We're not exactly over run with counsellors though so that could explain why there's not many others from this area.
Wow another Yorkie!!!

Welcome, think we are a rare breed!
HELLO -I live in Huddersfield.

HI VICKY!!!!!!
HI DANI!!!!!!

Is this it then- just the 3 of us?!!! :)
Yup, sure seems to be lol, maybe the CD craze hasn't quite scrambled over the pennines yet, its taken over a month to find you lot!!!!
4 of us now girls cos Isis is a Yorkshire Lass, born and bred!!:D
I'm in York but originally hail from Scarborough.

I'm bumping this up to see if there are any more Yorkshire folks about!!!!!

Come on, there must be some out there!!
well I am a born & bred yorkshire lass - eehbargumsley {Barnsley} but escaped to Lincolnshire - miss it terrribly though!
Lived near Wakefield {Woolley} most of my life - bought first house in Denby Dale and then hubby made us move!
I do miss "home" and the friendliness of Yorkshire
Will be back one day!
Denby Dale is lovely though, I lived in Middlestown for four years then Flockton for a couple and there is something about the area and the village atmosphere that pulls me back too. I have spent many a happy hour at the Navigation Inn by the canal, with the 'open all hours' chippie at the top of the road!
I know that pub - is the chippe still called the kingfisher?
Trust us on a diet website to know all the chipshops!!!
Love Flockton - used to go to Young Farmers meetings in the little funny shaped tin hut!
Oh boy now I am homesick!!
Yes it is stiill the Kingfisher, I went to Newmillerdam a few times in the summer and usually called on the way home... (nice healthy walk then pie chips and onion rings = VLCD now!!!!)
I live in Gomersal now in Cleckheaton which is a village but just not as rural, I loved that everyone in the village - the pubs, the papershop etc knew me by name, and the other thing I miss is that I used to dig my car out of the snow in the drive in the morning, drive along to Thornhill (often getting stuck waiting behind the cows moving fields) into Mirfield where I worked, and there wouldnt be any snow there at all!

Oh no.. I'm getting homesick now too!!
Welcome to all yee Yorkshire Folk!!!!!!!!!

I was beginning to think me and Boofaloo and CJ were the only ones!!!!!!!!

If anyone wants to arrange a meet then let me know, it will be nice to have a Yorkshire one!

DH has made me laugh, he says we can have a shake morning!!!!!!!!

Great to hear from you all x
I don't live in Yorkshire but I'm only 2 counties higher up in Northumberland and trains go to Yorkshire. So if you've having a meet I'd love to come
Irene xx
Ill see what I can arrange;)
Im a yorkshire lass too..

I live Nr Bradford(5 mile away) in a little village thats about 1 mile long..
Lived in said village all my life,
So with a name like Cara, i cannot get away with much !