Zero noodles/slim pasta & rice


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Zero noodles/slim pasta & rice

They're not officially part of the plan, but I believe rob has said they're ok to have as they contain virtually nothing x


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They have zero net carbs and cals so you can have them as extra!


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Zero noodles/slim pasta & rice

Oh you can have them as extra even better ive been having them instead of veg... Ooo possibilities


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just to join in here, what has everyone being doing with the noodles and pasta? adding to packs or with veg or even protein?
I just bought some today but want to make sure I make something lovely with them at that price!


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I dry fry mines with chilli and garlic. Maybe sub a pack for some chicken and have chicken noodle stir fry.

They are really. REALLY, chewy though.

Check out Chinese supermarket for konjac/shiritaki noodles, you get them for about £1 or less a pack.