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§§§ Team 20 -09 Our Skinny Year! §§§


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We're 09 determined chicks and team number 20! So essentially 20 -09 - Our Skinny Year!!!

We will designate in advance of the start of the week the 6 that participate in each month's challenge (Top 3 losers the previous week have to automatically step down and be replaced by the bottom 6). - if the forum authorities really object they should let us know and we'll think of something, we aren't trying to upset anyone or be disrespectful towards this lovely forum, just get support!-

If we read it correctly yeah teams have to be 6 but we'll be special! (as stated before, we'll only post the results of 6 of us each week, not the best performers every week so if anything our chances will be less!)

Our team consists of:
Name -- Diet type -- Diet Milestone -- Age -- How much to lose -- How much lost -- % of total -- Day of WI
MissAma -- SS 100% CD 1st Timer -- 1st week -- 30 -- 134 lbs-- 13lbs -- 4.7% - Wed

AutumnSky -- SS 100% CD Restarter -- 3rd week -- 24 -- 62 lbs -- 13 lbs --?% - Mon

Diddums --SS 100% CD 1st Timer -- 2nd week -- 21 -- 116 lbs -- 11 lbs -- ?% - Mon

sarahsunshine -- SS+100% CD 1st Timer -- 1st week -- 30 -- 60 lbs -- 7.7 lbs- ?% Tue

naomi 1611 -- SS100% CD Restarter -- 1st week -- 27 -- 88 lbs -- 3 lbs --?% -- Mon

molymoo -- SS+100% CD 1st Timer -- 2nd week -- 28 -- 74 lbs -- ? lbs -- ?% Thu

Bonzo -- SS 100% CD 1st Timer -- 2nd week -- 40 -- 116 lbs -- 12 lbs -- ? % -- Tue

blush -- SS 100% CD 1st Timer -- 2nd week -- 31 -- 55 lbs -- 7 lbs --?%-- Mon

TRYING SO HARD -- SS 100% CD 1st Timer -- 2nd week -- ? -- 37 lbs - 7 lbs - ?%-- Mon

So hello other official CD teams and while we bet you think we'll disolve in no time and never keep to it as so many others did, we are determined to prove you wrong and reach our dreams with deadlines!

So ladies, let's do this. Can you please reply and tell me if I have incorrect info and what to replace the ?s with. I will then update them tomorrow. Don't forget, we're checking in every day to talk about how we're melting that damn fat away!

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Love the thread hun! I can't get the code for the blinkie to work though!! :( Help!

P.S. My weigh in day is a Monday :)

Modified it!

The code game me a headache too but what I did was go into the signature and click on the insert image button (right here in the message box, the yellow square with a mountain) and entered the url of the blinky (e.g. deleted the , the [img and [/url] from the link we have on there.)


Losing the baby weight!!
Wow!!!! Congratulations to you both!! That's amazing news!! MissAma, you've lost the same amount as I have in 2 weeks, in your first week!! I told you that you would lose loads!!



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Thank you very much lovely! (And everyone else in the team) Of course I lost more than you AS! I have far more to lose!!!

I am far more chuffed than I was last night, it's starting to sink in and feel real good. This morning I took the long scenic route to work and drove around with some music on for the sheer pleasure of it! It was freezing but warm inside my car and the sun was gloriously shinning so I was stunned to discover I am feeling happy and content with no food!

In my former life, to get away and be by myself would include some form of a treat (or a bunch of) and I remembered this and it didn't phase me at all, I was feeling lighter physically AND mentally! What a difference a few kilos make! I just hope I don't forget these things when I get to goal.
I've updated the stats, it seems I had the % wrong.

Calculations for each individual %:
number of lbs lost divided by weight last week in pounds multiplied by 100.

Calculations for team %:
total number of lbs lost divided by total number of last week's weights in pounds multiplied by 100

So I'll work that out sometime tonight and write it. After mollymoo gives us a result.

How is everyone doing today? All in ketosis? What does it feel like for you?
OO dont expect to much girls, i am not in ketosis again yet! :-(. Also having a few toilet troubles even though i am taking the fibre supplement! I feel really bloated and horrible. But what i dont loose this week should fall off next week i hope! I think this will effect my weigh in as i stood on my own scales and it wasnt good!! But i am trying thats all i can say!
Hi team mates Im on day 10, lost 7lb already, my weigh day is sunday, I am doing ss, first timer, no blog and cant wait to get there, my computer skills arn't so great so you may have to explain things to me in stupid language (lol) to help me through. Still I'm going strong and not hungry even though my day has been rubbish, my mum's been rushed into hospital and I got a ticket on my car, the only thing I want is a large glass of red! I'm gonna have a bath to try and forget about it x x x
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Thank you very much IreneH, to be honest I thought we'd get a spanking for being naughty and not the right number but you're very sweet and your efforts are very much appreciated!

Ladies roll call, Diddums how is it going honey? Sarah, how was the new CDC? Bonzo, what's it like to be this light? :) Naomi are you breastfeeding?

mollymoo we're not expecting anything! Whatever you lose we'll be pleased for! AutumnSky, how are you holding up love? All's well? And generally everyone, temptations to report?

And last but not least TryingSoHard....
Ok so CDC is busy so not seeing her till 29th January, so will weigh myself next time i am at asda as the scales at home are really bad and seem to make my weight up! From my scales it appears to be about 7lbs and that was with swollen tummy but will let you know tommorow when i go to Asda.

Oh yeah and i just wanted to say i am dreaming of a peanut butter bagle cant get it out of my head!

LOL Viki that made me laugh. - You sound like you are keeping strong though and a bagle thought won't sway you! I mean if you come too close just remember it will take you out of ketosis and you'll have to do the whole shebang again! And that it's soooo not worth it, any fleeting moment of pleasure when it's in your mouth will then be many moments of shame and guilt and anger. Here's a mantra to use "The peanut butter beagle can kiss my soon-to-be-skinny-ass!"

I have never dreamed of any food in the past 8 days which is very strange because I used to before. I was dreaming of cakes and such and when I woke up my glycemy level was very low explaining the dream (my mother is a diabetic and I can check). Maybe that is what is happening here with you? Although to be honest if you are SSing only it wouldn't be probable that your blood sugar would be low.

When I gave up smoking I dreamed of smoking for 3 months straight!:8855:
I know how you feel mollymoo think I feel a bit fed up and wanted to comfort eat yesterday. Don't mess it up it will only take longer.

Thanks MissAma for all the work you have done getting our team up and running, need to shift those pounds now x x x
Morning all...... still going strong.

Have only just found this thread thanks to the link from MissAma.... so thank you. Not too computer literate - still can't get my blinkie to work. Will put on my thinking cap later and have another go!!!!

Thanks MissAma for all your hard work to get this thread up and running...... running is what I'd have done if I'd had to get it sorted!!!

TRYINGSOHARD...... hope your mum is on the mend. Sounds as though things are a bit stressful at the mo..... stress being a trigger pre CD for the munchies I'm guessing. Hope you can stay motivated, I'm sure you can. Summer isn't that far away....

MollyMoo.... you too?? I was only talking to my hubby this morning about peanut and jelly bagels...... we used to have one on a Saturday morning when the kids were snowboarding.... I was saying this morning that my days of P B and J bagels are over.....

I'm still doing ok. Am a serial weigher I'm afraid and so far this week they haven't moved.... infact they went up. Hard to understand why when I'm consuming so few calories. Still, I'm staying focused and looking forward to seeing them go down on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend everyone...... week 2 is almost over which can only be a good thing...... never thought that I'd be wishing my life away at 40!!!
Oh stop, you girls will make me blush! I enjoy it, it's a pleasure sharing this journey with you lot!!!

TryingSoHard - hope your mom is better, I know JUST how that feels, I'm the primary care giver for mine and she is very very sick.

Bonzo - serial weighter?!? You don't know what a series that is till you get on the scales a minimum of twice a day -morning and evening and sometimes before and after visiting the powder room and so on, obsessed much? *blush*-

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