11 Weeks have changed my life - update pic

As some of you may know 11 weeks ago(roughly) I began Cambridge with a view to getting down to 14 stone from the 17st 9lbs that I weighed.

I wanted to post this here for all of you who may be struggling with your weight. Cambridge Diet works! Full stop. Stick to it and you will come out on top!

11 weeks later, and as of today i weigh 13 Stone 8 Lbs, 4 stone 1Lbs lost! My waist size has gone from 40 down to 34. My T shirt size has gone from XXL to L. My BMI has gone from 34.3 to 26.5. My blood pressure has gone from high to normal, as has my blood cholesterol. I feel better, just better!

To say that I am happy is a complete understatement, and I thought i would chime in here with an updated pic. I hope it helps people with their journeys..

I have now revised my target down to 12 1/2 Stone, so I have another stone or so to lose.

A big thatnks must go to iceMoose on this forum, though i dont know him, I would never have lost this weight had the inspiration from his amazing blog touched me. Thanks :)

Wow buddy! You look like your much younger brother.

Superb and congratulations.

A HUGE congratulations Minty!! You look absolutely fantastic!! A completely different person :D

I always envy the super-mega-fantastic weight loss experienced by you guys on a VLCD - most of us girlies just can't hold a candle to what you are capable of losing in such a short time. I love seeing how rapidly you boys change though ... it's nothing short of miraculous!

Good luck with the last few pounds: you'll be there in no time at all!

Debbie x
Hi Minty,

Congratulations and well done, you are an inspiration for others that they can do it as well...

You look wonderful and so much healthier and yes a lot younger:D

Our Icemoos/Mike is indeed an inspiration :) :) :)

Love Mini xxx
Cripes Minty, you've lost 10 years! You loook absolutely great, in fact it is a little hard to imagine that you need to lose another stone. Thanks for the pics, there is nothing like a before and after to make it real! WEll DONE!
You look great Minty :D ....and also quite similar to Mike, I may add!!! Are you related?
Isn't it amazing how people look so much younger when they lose weight?

I'm glad you posted the photos on here Minty - I'm hoping you'll inspire my hubby :)
Such a good inspiration, many thanks
Hey, hey hey Minty.

These diets really do change lives don't they.

You have done brilliant mate and in only 11 weeks.

You'll be where you want to in next to no time.
Yeeeee harrrrr You look FAB!!!!
Very Well Done !!!! :p

I Start day one on Thursday after collecting my first weeks pack tomorrow night.

Congratulations, I hope i can post a pic like that soon!!

Angela xxxx

Well Done Minty, :D

You look fab for losing the weight, so much younger.
Bet you are so happy you decided to start CD & feel so much better for losing 4st 1lb!! I know I am..


Thanks guys, the support of people here and DH is great. Mini pointed out that my 2nd image mistakenly says '07, but its definitely '06..I am wishing the years away! oops!

Am on the 1000 plan now, but finding it much harder to stick to than SS. My counsellor is away for a couple of weeks, but may just do SS again to get the weight down to 12 1/2 st.

{edit} have managed to change the image to reflect '06
What a fab result for you! How proud you must be.
Well done.

The transformation in you is incredible!!! You really do look years younger and just not the same person. Thanks for posting your pics. Just the type of inspiring thing I need to look at to get my own head into gear. WELL DONE....x
Thanks peeps, I'm back on SS today, decided the 1000 plan is far too hard to stick to..wish me luck!!