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12 lbs- slimming buddy?

has anyone got the same amount of weight to loose? i need a buddy. My real life sw buddy is about to drop and so although we can encourage and support, theres no healthy competition- cos' lets face it.. shes gunna have a massive loss in a matter of weeks LOL

Im really needing someone to push me to be better. :)

In the words of Bob the builder- '' can we fix it, yes we can!'' :D
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Pick me, pick me! LOL.

I have 15lbs left to lose and am hoping, praying and threatening that I will lose these by xmas so I will be at target!


Just doing it this time
could WE not have a Slimming Buddy Thread? Where we can all join in and help each other ?

I have 14.5lb's tolose for my Christmas Day Target - REALLY hope to get there - so either this thread or anyone else who wants to pal up - let me know by PM if necessary.

Gilly x


Now to maintain.....
officially got 9lb to go until target...but....after an almighty binge yesterday ive gained 1lb and im away and off plan sat and sun so will be around 12lb,lol!!
ive got 14lb to go and my target is xmas, so im in too xx
Okay so

kristin1... and Tracie Green

My fellow slimming buddies.

Today, is day two since fully pledgeing to be back on track.

So far, i have eaten

1 cherry mullerlight, 1 alpen lights HEB and an apple.

1 plum

2 homemade scotch eggs 1 syn for the two eggs used, i used 20g wholemeal bread turned into breadcrums? (syns anyone?) with mixed leaf salad, toms, red onion and red pepper.. followed by a hartleys jelly 0.5 syn.

iv had an orange and i have spag bowl with cheese lined up for tea. Mmm.

how about you guys? x

In spirit our new union of slimming buddies thread.. i figured we could do a 'this week i plegde to' weekly goal. I dont want this to be weight loss related, im not asking you to set yourself a goal of a loss.. it can be slimming related, or anything else you like. Somthing for you.

Mine for this week is:

I pledge to make my lunchs the night before work all week, instead of being lazy and using it as an excuse to eat what i want and spend money pointlessly.

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Hey! How comes I fell off the list?! LOL.

20g Wholemeal bread comes to.... 2.2 syns!

Your food sounds GOOD!

I've had:
2weetabix (HexB) with some HEXA milk
banana and strawberries
3 coffees with splenda & the rest of the HexA milk
Butternut squash and sweet potato soup
some SW quiche with chicken, red peppers, mushroom & onion
apples (2), danone activia
Dinner! Chicken curry (with peppers, onions, chillies and spring onions in) and brown rice.
Pack of 25g caramel Snack a jacks 5.0syns
1x Jaffa Cake 2.5syns

GOD! I'm a starvo!!! And I'm eyeing up some pineapple in the fridge too! lol

This Week I pledge to actually make it to the gym again!
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oh god shrimpy, i could have sworn i wrote your name. Shall edit now *mwah* forgive me??

mmm i wish i had the guts to eat snack a jacks, i just cant be trusted to have things like that in my house. I wish i had the self control to have a trest box, so that i could actually use more than 5 syns. But i would eat the entire box and just binge.. its not worth the risk!

pinapple is my fave these days, i hated it before.. bad expierances with hard, and watery pieces before.. then i bought a fresh one myself and omg, i love them.. however, it actually slows down my losses o_O so i feel naughty when i eat it even though its free, so its like a treat. HA, my mind is mush isnt it!

Shelly_ i genuinly find that LOADS of carbs, as in sw chips etc keeps me going thru * week.. BUT i find that if i eat 3-4 bowls of mixed fruit salad throughout the day with tonnes of water, i can still lose on *week and actually, if the fruit is really COLD, and has been chilled for a few hours, it intensifies it for me and the sweetness staves off my cravings for real sugary things. Hope this helps.. xxxxx


Just doing it this time
Hello Buddies.

I feel so fat today !! - have been good though.

I suppose it's because I wore my new thin jeans - size 16 rigid skinny jeans (they're not skin-tight skinny jeans) - I just like slim leg jeans and I am 54 years old - so not REALLY able to wear skinny jeans anyway.

Anyway, I sidetrack.................so I wore them and feel fat because they fit close - IYKWIM ................. I have been wearing all my baggy stuff. MY daughter said - MOM you cannot wear that old baggy stuff no more.

But I feel slimmer in my baggy stuff.

MY customer this afternoon though as I arrived and haven't seen her for 6 weeks or so said 'WOWSEE, how much you lost, you look skinny' - she is now my friend for life.

HOWS you all doin?

Keep at it. Will keep noseying in this thread to keep up with you all.

Gilly x
My mummy wears skinny jeans and shes 50 :eek:) age is nothing but a number!

Its funny how you have fat days, even when youv been good. I get those!

would you like to pledge to a personal goal gilly?? xxx


Just doing it this time
Re personal pledge - I am already working towards 21lb's off for the Christmas Challenge - I am 6.5lb's into that - I think which means that I have 14.5lb's to lose for CHRISTMAS DAY ! See my siggie.

So that's my pledge to lose that 14.5lb's for Christmas Day. Christmas is a bit too close for comfort now.

Catch up later gotta take DD to work and then do a bit of shopping - need some new walking shoes for doggie walking and to and fro work each day.

I couldn't find the chick pea dahl in Morrisons - so may check out Asda today to see IF I like it. My cousin said that if you mix it with cooked onions and put onto frylight baking sheet in dollops they come out like onion bhajis? Anyone tried this?

Gilly x
any room for another little one? I would love to join a 'team' :)

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