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1st day of a new start!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by RiaLou80, 27 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. RiaLou80

    RiaLou80 Silver Member

    Morning all, today is the first day of my new start for 2014.

    Sunday weigh in yesterday was 13st 13.5 lb.

    So today's start is -
    Breakfast - 1/2 grapefruit and 35g Special K - I know this is not a HE but i've got to finish what I've got in so am going to Weigh and Measure.

    Lunch - Leftover lasagne - Extra lean mince, onion, mushrooms, peppers, passata, tomato puree, herbs, w/meal lasagne sheets, White sauce - hubby made it so I have no idea if it was Bisto mixed or home made, and cheese on top.

    supermarket shop tonight so stocking up on fruit and HE's.
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  3. JessyG24

    JessyG24 Gold Member

    Hi Honey :) I hope that minimins works as well for you as it has done so for me!

    Yay you have started in the 13's :) that is a really positive start! Well done you!

    Lunch sounds delicious. Let's home it was home made ;)

    It is our shop tonight too!

  4. beslim2014

    beslim2014 Full Member

    Hiya and good luck. I only joined on here at the start of january this year and I have to say the information on here is amazing, the amount of inspirational people are proof that it really does work and you never have to eat the same meal twice, the recipes are fantastic
  5. RiaLou80

    RiaLou80 Silver Member

    Thanks JessyG - I joined after your fab advice so here's to 2014 being a fab year!
    Hello Beslim2014 - I joined after a recommendation from my JessyG24, she has done amazingly well and I thought 'I need some of that' I've so far found lots of ideas and help from just having a 'wander round'

  6. RiaLou80

    RiaLou80 Silver Member

    To add to today's diary - I've been and bought an Activia Yogurt and some red grapes for my afternoon snack.
  7. JessyG24

    JessyG24 Gold Member

    Aw you sweetie :) xxxx
  8. Aymz

    Aymz Silver Member

    Hi! Here to subscribe. Good luck with your SW journey :)
  9. RiaLou80

    RiaLou80 Silver Member

    Supermarket shop done and tomorrow's super free quiche currently in the oven for lunch!
    It contains- peppers, sweet corn, broccoli, salmon, eggs and cottage cheese!
    I've also got some seafood sticks, HEB bars, plenty of fruit too!!
    Thanks for all the support msgs and to my beautiful friend JessyG!! X
  10. littlemisspiggy16

    littlemisspiggy16 Silver Member

    Hey :wavey:

    Here to sub after following the lovely Jessy's link to your diary :)

    Mmm, that quiche sounds yum, love salmon & brocolli!

  11. Katie's World X

    Katie's World X Gold Member

    Here to subscribe welcome X
  12. RiaLou80

    RiaLou80 Silver Member

    Todays menu -
    Break - 1/2 grapefruit, 35g Fruit and Fibre
    M Snack - Seafood sticks and flaked salmon fillet
    Lunch - Tomato and herb mugshot and 1/2 SW quiche
    A snack - Pear and Muller chocolate dessert thingy
    Tea - Tomato,Lentil and veg soup

    Have a good tuesday peeps
  13. bloodcoveredprincess

    bloodcoveredprincess Get Fit - Enjoy Life!

    hello Sweetie..... I am sure you will do brilliantly :D
  14. RiaLou80

    RiaLou80 Silver Member

    Hey all, had a crappy couple of days so plz accept my apologies for no msgs!
    I've trice to stay on it and have just totalled up what I've eaten, x2 days I've had 56 syns!!! Not really bothered though tbh but will be back in if next week hopefully!
    Hope everyone is having a good day
  15. JessyG24

    JessyG24 Gold Member

    Sometimes that happens but as long as you get back on it you'll be fine :) plus it's still probably less than you'd have had before - that change in mentality can make a big difference xx
  16. RiaLou80

    RiaLou80 Silver Member

    Hey all,
    My hubby is in hospital so please accept my apologies for no msgs.
    I got on scales this morning and was 13st10lbs! Stress is a good diet!
    Hope everyone is getting on ok, hopefully i'll be back in a few days
  17. bloodcoveredprincess

    bloodcoveredprincess Get Fit - Enjoy Life!

    Hi honey.... hope he is ok, must be very worrying for you.... we are all here for you xx
  18. RiaLou80

    RiaLou80 Silver Member

    Thank you bloodcoveredprincess.

    he is doing better so hopefully coming out of the other side now! I'll be better when he's at home though.
  19. bloodcoveredprincess

    bloodcoveredprincess Get Fit - Enjoy Life!

    How's hubby doing....have you news of when he is coming home xx
  20. littlemisspiggy16

    littlemisspiggy16 Silver Member

    Aww no hun, must be such a worry. Hope he's back home now, & if not that he's at least on the mend.

  21. RiaLou80

    RiaLou80 Silver Member

    Hi everyone!
    Hubby is finally home after 12 days in hospital! Scales still say 13st 10lbs so am going to start back on it on Monday but am going to be good over the wkend!
    Thank you for all the best wishes!

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