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1st Day of TS

Hey everyone,
This is my frst day and so far I've had a chocolate orange bar and a chocolate shake but on someone's advice made it hot so it's like hot chocolate.
Really not enjoying the taste at all. Please someone tell me the others taste nicer?!
I know its only the first day but 5 stone seems a VERY long way away! Inspiration needed I think!
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I've really enjoyed the taste of all of them so far, but I think I was expecting to really hate them, so was so surprised to find that I didn't that I have probably overcompensated my assessment out of sheer relief. That said, the chocolate I'd probably say was my least favourite, and for me has definitely been easier to drink cold than warm.

Don't lose heart, you're not the only one not to have fallen in love with the damn things! There's a sticky thread of what other people have done to make the options more palatable, and you'll find something that works for you. And as I've read someone else say on this board, remember: it's not food, it's 'make thin' medicine.

Good luck!
have to totally agree with you both I have found the chocolate drinks to be pretty yuk, and am therefore making it my mission to have one per day until all seven are gone! I have tried them hot & cold but nothing seems to make them any more palatable.

Stick with it fattymuso and try and get them out of the way in the first week. What type of pack up did you order? I got the soup, shake & bar combo, and I must admit I am actually loving the soups. The are quite creamy and don't have the after taste that you get with some meal replacement foods. I have found that the soups are too thick if made up according to the instructions and I make mine in a large soup mug (from whittards) which makes it feel more like a meal and use about 350ml of water. The only one I was dreading was the mushroom as I cannot stand real mushroom soup, but I even like that one.

As far as the shakes are concerned, the only one I haven't yet tried is the strawberry, as I have already mention the choc one leaves a lot to be desired but the vanilla and banana were nice, and again I use about 300 - 350ml of very cold water, and I don't normally even like anything banana!

I totally agree and I think I had primed myself for them all tasting awful and in reality they are a pleasant. Also what a great way at looking at this - 'make thin medicine', brilliant as you never expect medicine to taste good but you know ot will do you good in the long term!

Good luck to you both, and will keep a look out for your future posts & weigh in results. Just remember it's not for ever, only a small inconvienience on your journey to a fantastic new you!
Sounding hopeful then thank goodness!
I got the bumper pack as it seemed to be the cheapest way of doing it so I think I have all the different areas covered.
Just deciding what soup to have for my supper... Joy!


will achieve target
I'm just waiting for my pack to arrive lol ... I order the bumper pack too so hopefully I will like them ... I did lipotrim about 5 years ago they don't have much choice and the soup was disgusting and the snack bars were like cardboard ha ha so ended up doing 5 months with just the vanilla and chocolate shakes !!! so looking forward to trying out all the flavours on this one and just hope that I like the soups as most people have said they are nice xx good luck for the rest of the week and I hope that you have a great weigh in loss !! x


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I love all the flavour shakes, our tastes are very different, and after so many weeks on the plan, your tastes will change even more, things you like, you may not like anymore ;)

Im have all my shakes hot and I use lots of water, you could try adding more water to it, add some sweetner if you like, like canderel but use the tablets not the powder. Also you could get some peppermint tea bags, make that up and pour the minty water in, to make it a chocolate and mint flavour? :)
I'm on day 2 and not finding the shakes or soups amazing?!! Still I'm really determined to stick to this!! Only ordered a weeks worth to try but think I will order a big pack tomorrow!
Look forward to getting to know you all x
I'm having the mushroom soup this evening too :) I had it the other day with black pepper and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to having it later :)
I love the mushroom soup especially with lots of pepper, funny thing is I was actually dreading this flavour as 'real' mushroom soup make me gag.

The thai chicken is good with some dried chilli flakes in it an the tomato with a little extra dried basil.

Unfortunately the only way I have found to make the chocolate shake bearable is to hold your nose and down it as quickly as possible, but apart from choc i am lving them all.
Just had my mushroom soup - mmm - really tasty. I made the rest of the family steak, chips, peas and peppercorn sauce and didn't feel like it - was looking forward to my soup :)

I also enjoy the Thai Chicken with dried chilli flakes. The tomato is my least favourite but still pleasant enough.

Shakes - chocolate least favourite but ok as a couple of hot chocolates


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This is my frst day and so far I've had a chocolate orange bar and a chocolate shake but on someone's advice made it hot so it's like hot chocolate.
Really not enjoying the taste at all. Please someone tell me the others taste nicer?!
I know lots of people on minimins rave about having the shakes hot, especially the chocolate, but personally I can't stand them and think they all taste much cold. I keep a bottle of water in the fridge just to make shakes.
As a treat I make the chocolate into a muffin.
I think everybody is different and has different tastes so it's best to experiment and find out what you like best.
Good luck :)


To infinity and beyond!
Just add a small amount of boiling water to the chocolate mix in a small bowl and mix until it is a thick paste. In the microwave for 1 min and 10 seconds and there you go.
I have tried it with the strawberry too and that was good too.
I have a Kenwood frothie machine I use at home to make my shakes and they come out lovely and creamy. I bought a shaker beaker for use when I was out, but after the frothie maker they seemed flat, so have a muffin if I am out for the day and need to eat.
You are meant to limit the amount you have a using a microwave destroys some of the nutrients in the packs, but delicious for a treat.
Enjoy :)

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