2013 is my year :)... 40lbs to go!

Discussion in 'Exante - Diaries' started by Sage-femme, 7 November 2012 Social URL.

  1. Sage-femme

    Sage-femme Silver Member

    I feel like I've written this about 20 times today!

    Anyway here goes

    started exante summer 2011. Lost over 3 stone. Stopped and put on 1 stone. Have stayed about that weight ever since.


    Now currently at 15st 6lbs. Starting in the morning. Scared, excited, worried. I'm fine when I'm alone, but when others buy me food or encourage me to eat I cave! My husband always buys me chocolate and cooks dinner, even when I ask him not to :(

    Wish me luck! Will try to update this frequently! xxx

    Eek... have taken some starting pictures - absolutely gross but i know from previously how much pictures motivate me, as soon as i lose some weight and take new pics I'll be so happy :)

    Please excuse the messiness! We're having a pre-christmas sort & clear out :p


    *Update* Week 2 weigh in 23/11/12 - 1stone and 2lbs lost
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  3. Butterfly_82

    Butterfly_82 Full Member

    Welcome back onto this journey!! You know you can do it!! so get into that frame of mind and be determind to walk away when people try to encourage you to eat.

  4. Sage-femme

    Sage-femme Silver Member

    Added some pics to first post, scary bananas
  5. Sage-femme

    Sage-femme Silver Member

    Well my tummy is rumbling sooo bad! Going to visit my nan this morning with the kids and she loves to try and feed me up (whilst at the same time exclaiming how much weight I've put on.... go figure).

    Going to get ready and then have a nice bowl of porridge to warm me up before I go, my toes are freezing!
  6. mrs_t

    mrs_t Member

    Hiya, thought id pop by and say hello, Good luck. Well done on putting pictures up, im not brave enough to do it.
  7. Sage-femme

    Sage-femme Silver Member

    Had porridge with lots of cinnamon for breakfast, vanilla shake with lots of ice for lunch and currently drinking a can of coke zero. I know I need another pack but I'm literally not even hungry! I feel a bit sick and headachy actually.

    Today I resisted a bacon sandwich, lots of my favourite chocolate, a scrumptious smelling dinner hubby made and a milky way yoghurt.

    Tomorrow I'm at work and I haven't told anyone... Not sure what to do at lunch :sigh:
  8. Sage-femme

    Sage-femme Silver Member

    Have had porridge with lots of cinnamon for dinner. It's my fav pack - hate the soups, can barely tolerate the shakes :( but at least I've had something!
  9. Sage-femme

    Sage-femme Silver Member

    Well I can't sleep. I'm not hungry I'm just craving REAL FOOD. I can't stop thinking about it :(
  10. Darcy15

    Darcy15 This is my year

    Welcome back and good luck! :D
  11. Sage-femme

    Sage-femme Silver Member

    porridge with cinnamon for breakfast. Am starving and didnt bring out any packs today :(
  12. Sage-femme

    Sage-femme Silver Member

    Starving hungry home from work and my dads visiting. I love it when he visits but I kinda hate it food-wise.

    So food resisted today (thanks to my dad):
    -a big cheesy delicious looking oven pizza
    -a big share bag of cheesy doritos
    -a big share bag of normal doritos
    -a pack of chocolate rice cakes with choc chips
    -a fresh hot french bread stick
    -a pack of jaffa cakes bars
    -a pack of yum yums

    Was looking forward to exante porridge when i got home but don't think I can face it with all this yummy food around :(

    Sorry if talking about food puts anyone off my blog. It helps me to think of it as an achievement, something I have actively done to prevent putting more weight on. It gives me an insentive to not eat something if i know afterwards I can write it down.

    i also think when I feel as though I'm 'missing out' well I have written it all down now so if I want it when I'm at goal I can backtrack and have a couple of bits that I've 'missed out' on if I still feel I want them.

    I don't know, maybe it's just cathartic.

    At work I resisted a tuna sandwich, a jacket potato with tuna, cheese and beans and a snickers bar!

    I will be 100% today. I don't care about the temptations

    p.s. I am also really glad I put pictures on the first post of this diary - every time I get tempted to eat, and come on here to write it and get it out - the first thing I see when the page loads is them pictures - and I feel sick. And I remember 'now this is why I'm not eating this junk'
  13. Sage-femme

    Sage-femme Silver Member

    Thanks hun

    I've just had my choco shake, tried to freeze it as ice cream but failed! Came out as a block - tried to let it go soft and half stayed rock hard and half went completely liquid, so just blended it all up and had a super icy thick shake... throat feels a bit numb now! lol

    Feel so ridiculously full, will try and have a porridge later as that's all I can eat without pulling faces!

    Had a sneaky peek at the scales tonight, thought it would motivate me but felt a bit dissapointed but have to remember it's only day 2 and got 5 more days before weigh in! although not sure how next weeks weigh in will work as I'm working a long shift so have to be up by 5am - currently been weighing a lot later so don't know if it might affect the result
  14. Sage-femme

    Sage-femme Silver Member

    Ate my porridge... Feeling hungry now but I think that's because I've stayed up far too late!!

    Want to see results already!!! Impatient ? Me? :p

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  15. Sage-femme

    Sage-femme Silver Member

    Pleasant surprise on the scales this morning - nice motivation today :) will need it as at home today with the kids/ food garbage disposables lol

    Looking forward to Thursday official weigh in :) xx

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  16. Sage-femme

    Sage-femme Silver Member

    Had my porridge this morning with cinnamon as per usual! Feeling good still. Going to try and have a shake for lunch

    Have resisted
    -a bacon sandwich (the smell of bacon cooking!!!!)
    -a whole pack of maryland cookies (yes i would have eaten the whole pack pre diet)
    -a cake my nan bought me
    -the offer of a breakfast at our favourite cafe

    Feeling hungry now actually might have the shake soon, having a coke zero at the mo.

    Put away all my too small for me clothes today except 1 pair of jeans that I don't fit into, I tried them on and took a couple of pics, going to try them on again every couple of weeks until i fit them perfectly and take pics again to compare :)

    smiley :D:D:D
  17. carrieclaus

    carrieclaus Gold Member

    Sounds like an excellent idea regarding the jeans! Xx
  18. Sage-femme

    Sage-femme Silver Member

    Had banana shake for lunch, made some green tea - don't like it, chilled it and used tonight in my shake for dinner and I couldnt tell the difference from using plain water! Maybe a good way of getting some green tea into me :p

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  19. shoebedoo

    shoebedoo Silver Member

    Gr8 willpower Fair play Resisting all d temptations Thumbs up 2u :))

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  20. gigglepants

    gigglepants Because I'm Happy!

    Good morning Chazsucks.

    Wow, I've just read your diary and have to say that you have amazing willpower! :D

    Love the pics too, I could never be that brave. But what motivation!

    Good luck on your journey hun xx
  21. Sage-femme

    Sage-femme Silver Member

    So today had porridge with cinnamon for breakfast but accidentally emptied half the pot of cinnamon into it so it was a like dark brown, lumpy warm bowl of cinnamon - gross!!! Ate it anyway though as don't like wasting the packs...

    Need to order some more - want to order a mixed pack of shakes and bars, a pack of porridge and the water flavourings but not sure whether to order now or next week - free delivery next week BUT the cost is going up - not sure how much... If it's a lot would rather buy now that wait for free delivery!

    Just made a banana shake with loads of ice and green tea - was going to wait a bit but had argument with hubby and was about to head straight for the biscuit tin!!! Just drinking it now...

    Really feeling like I need something to chew on today- want to try the bars....

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