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29 stone start weight.. gluten free vegan!

Hi all,

I just turned 35, I’m not as heavy as I ever was but nearly! I successfully lost almost 5 stone in 2012 but life happened and I fell off the wagon.

I’m a gluten free vegetarian so struggle with knowing how to eat right. I hope that by posting here I can gain support and lose weight!

What’s everyone’s favourite weigh day? And are there any weekly / monthly challenges going on that I can join?

I’ll be cal counting with MFP, how about you?
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Hi and welcome to minimins

This website is fab for getting tips and keeping motivated.

I do Slimming World at home but this week I'm doing Slim Fast to give it a go and see if it will give me a boost.

There are a few different challenges on the Slimming World part of the forum and also weekly weigh in threads. I find these really good for both support and motivation.

Good Luck with your weight loss journey.
Hi and welcome to the journey! I’ve 12 stone to go but I’m aim for ten to increase focus. I’m on Exante but will do SW when nearer. Week 3 for me. Fantastic support on here, there’s a 2018 challenge where everyone is really supportive. Good luck and keep going.


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Morning Louoooou and welcome!

I'me doing Slimming World and am very happy with it, lost 18lbs so far (4 weeks). My WI is at class on a Monday night, and then I join in the losses in 2018 challenge thread here on Wemitts.

I also have a diary, i find it's great to help me keep an eye on what I'm eating - and it's also like having a coffee and a natter with friends :).

All the best on your weight loss journey, you can do it!
Ooh nice to meet you!! I have a lot to lose too. I'm on Exante as I know it works for me and I want to get as much off before my holiday :). A diary definitely helps, as does someone you can message when you feel tempted to cheat. You can do it!!
Hi everyone :) thank you for your responses!

I’ve not officially started a diet yet but I’m easing myself in by making wiser choices.

Yesterday I had a Sunday dinner with quorn fillets and today’s lunch was tomato soup and toast and for tea I had pasta with quorn fillets mashed up in tomato sauce to which I added grated carrot for extra goodness.

I will be weighing on Friday morning to see what the scales say and will go from there.

How’s everyone else’s day been? X
Today’s food:

B: Nutella on toast 😅

D: Potato dauphinois leftovers

T: Chickpea burger, jacket potato and sweetcorn

I’ll be limiting myself to 2-3 pancakes later on!!
I’ve been feeling really yucky lately and I shouldn’t be since I cut out gluten but I’ve noticed when I hand dairy I get really unwell. I decided last night that I’ve got to cut out dairy and see if it helps. If I feel better then I’m going to have to permanently cut out dairy which will make me vegan!!! I don’t eat eggs so I’ll be vegan without wanting to be :/

Today’s food:

B: nothing

D: Mexican bean soup and Chickpea burger leftover from yesterday

T: green lentil Lasagne with salad and garlic dough balls

In bed now and feeling good! Usually I have a really bad tummy at night but fine tonight :) definitely going to avoid dairy for a few weeks and see what happens.
Hopefully the lack of cheese in my life will boost my losses too!!! I love cheese 😅

Looking forward to tomorrow and feeling even more better :)
Welcome! This site was absolutely instrumental in helping me lose 12.5 stone and (so far!) keep it off, so I can really recommend it. All the very best for your journey. 😊 x

You may remember me from a few years ago, my name then was toxicsgrl I think. I remember you Tracy and LadyFelsham :) xx


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Ah yes Toxicsgrl - hello and welcome back! I'm still here sigh :D

Glad the no dairy approach seems to be working for you - food looks good!
What lasagne sheets do you use? I eat gluten free but miss lasagne.
I use the tesco free from ones. They are pricy compared to wheat ones but definitely worth it! You could also go low carb and use strips of peeled courgette or slices of roasted aubergine:)
Lasagne is the best!!!
Today I’ve been feeling awful!! Not sure if detoxing from dairy is making me feel like this but I’m sticking with it!

Today’s food:

B: beans on toast

D: Mexican bean chilli soup with more toast...

(Think all the gf bread isn’t helping so had a vey unprocessed tea)

T: salad with corn on the cob! It was only 250 calories 😂 was nice though :)
And I got to use my new birthday corn spiky fork things that I’ve always wanted 😬

Day 3 tomorrow and I’ll be weighing too as I prefer a Friday weigh in.
Omg I’ve lost 9lbs!!!!!

I mean I’ve hardky eaten these last few days and had loads of water but still,9lbs!

Takes me down to 28st 5!! Happy with that indeed :)


Staff member
Omg I’ve lost 9lbs!!!!!

I mean I’ve hardky eaten these last few days and had loads of water but still,9lbs!

Takes me down to 28st 5!! Happy with that indeed :)
Well done:0clapper:

Food looks delicious :classic_smile:

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