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50 - 70 ish pounders x

Hey - don't wanna exclude anyone but was just wondering if anyone with around the same as me wants to be a little support network - just thought that as we're all aiming to lose the same amount we prob currently weigh the same (ish ish) and are aiming to be the same (ish!!) Dunno if anyones interested, noticed that Son and Lou both have almost the same to lose as me.... what'd you think laydeez

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Great idea hun,


Hey Rainbow, I've got between 60-70lbs to lose and would love to buddy up with you on our journeys. Vx
Cool add yourselves to the list

Rainbow (aka Vicky) 61.5 pounds to go
Vicx 60 - 70 pounds to go
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hmmmm - erm, ha only kidding, yer we'll let you be part of our gang...... it'll mean you'll have to work extra extra hard to catch up with us lol, welcome aboard Force Ten xx

Rainbow (aka Vicky) 61.5 pounds to go
Vicx (aka Vicky) 60 - 70 pounds to go
Force Ten (aka....) - 74 pounds to go

Force Ten

Serial Dieter
Well I'm already going to have to do lots of extra exercise this week - just made a chocolate mousse cake for a friend's birthday do tonight with 300g chocolate, 150g butter, 55g sugar and 6 eggs! The eggs are ok but don't think the rest of it comes under the SW plan lol. Now I know you're going to tell me I don't have to eat it, but it seems rude not to indulge:D
Lol - as I was reading the ingredients I got to the eggs and thought - well they're free, then as I read on you thought the same he he, great minds! hmmmm - it would be rude not to indulge, but just think of the syns!!! enjoy it if you do have some though xxx
Count me in - I've got about 70lbs to lose. May change if I find i'm happy bigger than that - but it's still going to be at least 60lbs!

We'll all get there, be it the scenic or direct route i don't care so long as i get there!
I tried taking short-cuts but I just got lost, so i've got the map out and am back in the right direction again!
Rainbow 61.5 pounds to go
Vicx 60 - 70 pounds to go
Force ten 74 pounds to go
Taz 50 pounds to go
Jenny on a plate 60 - 70 pounds to go
Anyone know if I can and how I rename the title to '50 - 70 pounders' xxx


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Yeah just go to the list of threads and click just to the side of the title (might be double click) then it will go shaded and you can rename it
TTTTaaaazzzz - I cant get it to do it!! xxx
A ha - done it ta mrs xxx

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Go to your thread in the forum where everybody elses is and click right see if anything happens, you should be able to change title, I did with the SW mag thread, I changed mag available NEXT week to THIS, hope this helps but have had two vodkas and am now nanny wobbly legs and fingers knees and toes lol

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