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7 Day challenge- anyone in?


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So i was thinking about taking baby steps as we start on the road to weight loss again and i thought a small challenge would help?

I thought a 7 day challenge might help a few of us a certainly me get through the first tough days with renewed vigour.

I am starting tomorrow 16/4/07 and commit to CD ssing/790 until 23/4/07.

Would anyone like to join me?
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Me please!!!

:wave_cry: Hi there, I am re starting again tomorrow and a 7 day challenge sounds great to me! Can I join you hon?

The first week was the easiest time when I did CD for the first time last yr, but I know that the first few days are now the hardest days to get through.

I need to get back on track and loose this excess weight once and for all.....so count me in!

Lou XX


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i restarted yesterday can i join ya


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Hello, can I join???


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Count me in please!

Restarting today so a seven day challenge is just what i need :)
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I'm definitely in!!

I'm away for a couple of days from the wednesday, so I need something to keep me motivated until then!!

What a great idea! Baby-steps are the way for me!!!


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count me in........

Day 1 progress
1 pack
1 tea
1ltr water!

and i'm cold already lol.......

After another weekend off the rails :sigh: I would like to join the 7 day SS challenge!

I was at goal and meant to be introducing food gradually but have struggled a LOT with it. I have gained and lost a stone 3 times :eek: in the space of a month due to a series of terrible binges followed by strict SSing.

So - I am back to SSing today and am going to do it for 7 days - when will hopefully be back to my goal weight. Once there I WILL NOT take my CDC's advice to start eating as a licence to scoff huge amounts of naughty food!

So far I've had

a black coffee
a banana tetra
a small amount of a choc tetra in a black coffee
and am just about to polish off the rest

am struggling a bit with the water today - only half a litre so far (but think this is because I am still feeling a little queasy due to yesterdays binge!)

Good luck everyone! :grouphugg:



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I'm not one for joining challenges coz I never finish them lol, but a seven day one sounds quite do able... Have also joined in with Noo Noo's one... so count me in on this one as well...

Packs soo far, None, but gonna make one in a min

2 litres of water so far, and lots of coffee, so as you can imagine, weeing for England!! :D


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Such a busy day today only just checking in. I've done well so far. 2 packs down and 3 litres of water drunk.

Am just deciding whether or not to book a few days with my friend when she goes to prtugal in August. Her parents have a house there and she's invited me as part of her hen do. Thinking it might just be the incentive i need!!

Keep it up everyone xx
S: 16st4.5lb C: 15st12lb G: 15st4.5lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.84%)
day one going good for me,

banana tetra
banana muffin

about 4 cups black coffee
2 1/2 litres water

going to have a tom soup for dinner then off to bed...whihc is the best place for me, as there are no food distractions!(or any other kind as vic is on nights!!lol:p )

hope your day ones have all gone well
Lou X


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Oooooooooogh, can I join? I have been a good girl for 12, coming on 13 days now but I am feeling very wobbly at the moment!!! :( so another 7 days under my belt would be grand.

How are we all getting on today??



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well done to everyone who made it through yesterday, myself included, yipee doo dah :p :p and best of luck to all staring today :D

Coley, you're in the lead girl, we're all following you!! :D well done for getting to day 14, keep going:p


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C: 16st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.8
Morning all,

As Geri said well done to us all for getting to day 2.

Coley day 14 that's fab :)

How is everyone this morning?