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Anyone in the 10's wanting to get into the 9's........


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Hey folks. As we all know the last few pounds are the very hardest to get off. I myself am sooo frustrated that i can not get lower than 10stone 7lbs, i am just floating between that and 10stone 12lbs for the last 3 months. Its time to get serious as my wedding is just around the corner and i am refusing to even try on a dress until i am at least 10stone.
So who's with me to get on the road to the 9's. The more the merrier :)
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Dia Dhuit Puisín

is back on the wagon!
Sorry I didn't reply earlier. I'm 10 stone 5 and my WW goal is 9 stone 9.5. It's so difficult to get those last few pounds off.

Hope you do well in your next weigh in.


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Hey everyone. Weigh in was -1lb on friday. Not so bad i suppose. Cant wait to see if the new allowance will help break the barrier. I always felt guilty about struggling to reach the 29pp by having snacks that i didnt really want. What is every one elses weigh day.
I'm a Thursday night.
Don't know whether to start this -3pp yet
Cos haven't heard anything about it officially yet.
Weekend went from bad to much worse
Used all weeklies ++++ lots more too morto to admit
But at least w.i is not for another few days
Hey me too. Want to get to 9st 1 (I'm short ha) and currently 10 st 9 so still have a way to go!

Dia Dhuit Puisín

is back on the wagon!
My WI is on Monday nights.


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Ugggggggggghhhhhhhhhh me too on the naughty side today. Went so well until OH brought home chipper. Luckily i had all my weeklies. So today i used 26pp + 25 weeklies. He should have brought wine i'd have enjoyed it more ha ha.
Good luck for WI tomorrow 'Dia Duit Puisín' :fingerscrossed:
Thank god the weekend is just over.

Dia Dhuit Puisín

is back on the wagon!
I had Friday as my naughty day. Went to the cinema on Friday night and they have a healthy pick 'n' mix section so I got through quite a few of my weeklies. But in fairness they had such gorgeous things as:

Smoky almonds
Yoghurt covered strawberries, cashew nuts, raisins and blackcurrants
Caramel almonds
Strawberry crisp

the list is endless.

They were lovely though. :)

Best of luck with weigh ins everyone. Hope tomorrow doesn't go too bad for you Marysu.
Ooooh the cinema is so full of goodies. The weeklies are sooooo handy.
Im currently 10st 13 (feeling quite gutted coz just a few weeks back I was 10st 7!)

Anyway here I am. Im breastfeeding so get extra points and im just hoping it works !

Oh and my weigh in day is Wednesday :)

Good luck everyone :D
Its heartbreaking going back over the 10stone 7lb mark. I was totally devestated. Hopefully it wont be long till you are back there again.
I've had suuuccchhhh a bad weekend!! But it was my boyfriends birthday. But back on it today, going to do my best to stick to my new 26 :s
Hope you enjoyed it though ;)
Damage control week for a few of us it seems ha ha. I am going to try not use anymore weeklies until the weekend and i will have loads of activity points in case i indulge in a bottle of wino over the week :)
Haha definitely damage control! Luckily my weigh in is thur eve so I have a couple of days to eat healthily and exercise to try to burn it off!
Maybe just cut down on white carbs for a few days to lessen the blow :D
Haha yep that's probably for the best! Going to have to get used to working hard in order to get into the 9's!!
Oh i know, but it will be well worth it. It is within grasp and it WILL happen :fingerscrossed:

Dia Dhuit Puisín

is back on the wagon!
Down 1.5lbs tonight. I'm so happy :) That brings me down to 10 stone 3.5lbs. Hope everyone else has a good WI.
Well done!!!!!!!!!
Thats amazing, bet you are well chuffed and so you should be :)

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