1. Loucille2

    Loucille2 Full Member

    Hi all,

    I'm back for my second round of Exante TS after my second pregnancy!

    I was successful last time but used to have a Tesco Ultra Slim bar for breakfast each day and notice they've stopped doing them. Does anybody know what bars you can have on TS or what the new Exante bars are like? I always thought the old Exante ones tasted like dust!

    many thanks,

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  3. ladyinblue

    ladyinblue Member

    HiyaI am just using the bars for all 3 of my meals.
    the bars are really nice and big. It does not feel like a diet. I will be weighing in on wed so fingers crossed.
  4. anin

    anin New Member

    I didn't fancy the bars so am selling mine on ebay. Not sure if links are allowed here or not?
  5. KellyJervis

    KellyJervis Full Member

    I think the bars are ok tasting, quite handy for me to take to work.
  6. Catscratch

    Catscratch I can do this..

    Just restarted again a week ago, ordered the new bars, came today. Bad idea, just tried the red berry and far too sweet for me, made me feel sick and only ate a quarter. Bought the 50 pack of 25 of each flavour so hoping the chocolate are better, if not will be in the bin.. my own fault should of got a couple to try first. I presumed they would be similar to the other products which aren't that sweet apart from the choc shake which I don't like so don't buy anyway.. Ah well, thats the way it goes.. CS. :sigh:

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