'Before and After' Photos


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Even before I started CD 5 months ago, what gave me the most incentive was looking at the 'before and after' photos of successful dieters which inspired me both to start the diet and also keep going when times got tough.

I'm still very much a 'work in progress' with between 2 - 2 1/2 stone left to lose, but here's my latest photos (even though they're in no particular order). I love looking at other peoples' photos too, so post away!! :D


Love, Sharon xxx
Hi, Just looked at your photos. WOW!!!! You have done fantastically! I am trying to stick to CD but have slipped big time and keep binging. Just about to give up completely - BUT - having seen your photos, I think I'll give it one more go. Thanx for the inspiration!
Sharon I hope you feel very proud of yourself :D

You have done fantastically well and are certainly and inspiration others.

Well done ;)
Looking good Sharon!!:cool:

I have a couple of good before ones, but some terrible after ones:eek:

Still have a camera phobia, but I do have an after one of me falling over :D

I'll post the before and look out the after.....


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Sharon - darling!!! I nearly cried when I saw your latest pics!!! You are soooo skinny - just a tiny wee thing!!!

Look at your hipbones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You look just totally stunning, my lovely - I am sooooo pleased for you!

I'll give you a big hug next month, but there'll be nowt left to hug!!!!!!!!!!!!! heheheheheheheheheh

Very well done, darling!

I've said it before, Karion, but you really need to LOOK at those photos to start to realise how much you have achieved - you rock woman!! :cool:
Awesome, awesome photos from both Sharon & Karion!

I am so hugely impressed: photos like these are what keep me motivated :D

I hope my own are half as impressive when I get to goal.

Debbie x
Thank you to everyone who's said such nice things about my photos (and, Isobel, I don't think they're my hipbones - I was just holding my dress down so that it didn't wrinkle around my hips *lol*)

Kebab - I'm so pleased you're giving CD another go. It's tough, there's no getting away from it - and I've wanted to give up loads of times, but it really is worth the effort. Can't wait to see the 'fab Kebab' :)

Karion - you look amazing! Well done to you!!

Debbie - you already look gorgeous and have done so well! Your 'before and during' photos would be well worth seeing, so don't wait until you get to goal to post them will you? :)

And let's see more! I love looking at everyone's photos as they keep me motivated too!

Sharon xxx
WOW!!!! These photos are fantastic. Well done to both of you. Definately keeps my motivation up.

Jazzy x
Sharon! Wow

You look really well and so summery.

Love Mini xxx