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Benefits - sensible & silly (probably more silly than sense!)

Thought I'd start a thread where I / we can list all the benefits (no matter how small or silly) of our weight losses - will certainly keep me motivated at desperate times.

Please feel free to add... in fact you've probably got lots more benefits than I can even think of! xx

1. Pretty shoes – lost nearly two sizes to a size 5
2. Hard skin on feet gone
3. Lighter / less painful TOTM
4. Down from size 22 in clothes to 16 currently
5. Boobs shrinking – able to buy pretty bras soon rather than boulder holders
6. Double chins gone
7. Clear skin
8. Stronger nails
9. I look taller – no idea how
10. Stealing my sister’s clothes
11. Wolf whistles in street – shouldn’t make me happy but it does
12. Lots & lots of compliments
13. More respect from staff in work
14. More confidence
15. More energy – actually enjoyed cleaning the bathroom yesterday
16. Better quality sleep
17. Easier to go to toilet
18. Can manage the stairs without being out of puff
19. Don’t have to shop in Evans – was a Godsend for a long time for which I’ll be eternally grateful but am so glad I don’t have to go there for clothes now!
20. Appreciative looks from men – even better when they don’t say or do anything to the wolf whistles
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Good idea! I've been low recently so could do with focusing on some positives:

Being able to cross my legs properly (and do that thing where you tuck your foot under the top leg)

Clothes clothes clothes!!!!!

Ditto the appreciative looks from men. Who knew?!

Also looking taller here too.

Being able to run up the stairs at the station if i'm late and hardly puffed at all when I get on the train

going to the gym for a new programme and the instructor said 'must just be toning' and assumed I didn't want to lose weight!

Being proud of myself and happy that my children don't have a spherical mum anymore
All the excess seat belt in an airplane seat, not to mention the extra legroom, and the ability to put the tray down, not have it touch any part of my body, and to even be able to put mh head down on the tray with a pillow to rest!!

That was a great revelation.

My best though, was the day my hubby picked me up and carried me iup the stairs without him huffing or puffing at all!! :D Deffo the best yet.

So many to add!!
Nice additions! Especially like the one about being able to cross your legs - that's one of my favourites that I'd completely forgotten about! xx
looking in the mirror and actually being happy with what you see :)


Tough But Sexy X
Love the fact I can now paint my toe nails myself! Xx
Ooh I just got a beautiful bangle I used to wear on once again, first time in a number of years!! Woo Hoo!!
I'm still alive. If I hadn't done LL and still weighed over 21stone would I have found the lump in my breast in time?......
Probably not.
Result :p
Sorry, it's not very silly, but it does make sense.
Hi SB, not silly but probably the best benefit so far!!!

Claire xxx
Laugh if you will but I was pleased (despite the bruised bum) but the wind actually blew me over last night! Usually I'd be disgruntled but usually nothing could knock me over like that!

Hmmm just realised.... Seem to be relating everything back to this diet, good or bad thing?


Silver Member
I can wear my watch again that I bought when I lost weight last time x
WOW Claire, how lovely. Only someone who had lost a substantial amount of weight would understand.
I too have at least one LL link every day.
Tell you what - why don't we relate the good things to LL and not the bad things? xx
Wearing some old shorts today I could not get over my chunky thighs before LL.

I can remember taking them on holiday and crying because I couldn't wear them.

They are so baggy on me now and make my legs look tiny sticking out the bottom. I can pull them on and off without undoing the button!! Yippee!! xx


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Being able to wear my monsoon dress that I bought when I lost weight last time :)

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Size 14 size 14 size 14

Never thought I'd see that on my thighs ever again!

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