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BMI/Dress size/frame size


Getting married July 2011
Hi guys,
I'd be really interested if loads of people could post their BMI, their dress size and there frame size.

Small frame: fingers overlap when wrapped around wrist.
Medium frame: fingers just touch
Large frame: fingers don't touch.

I have never been thin, and I know everyone's different, but I wanna get some idea of what size I will be when I weigh x. Give or take a stone.

At the moment I've a BMI of 40, Dress size 20, and a large frame.


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Never knew that about the wrist fingers thing!

BMI: 23
Dress Size: 8 bottom / 10 top
Frame Size: Medium



Posts when she can
Bmi -26
Frame - Large (size 9 shoe)
Dress size 14 - 16 (depends Dunnes 14)
Hi honey

Thats a really intresting thing to know for measuring ur frame, I never knew that and could have never answered the question before.

BMI 39
Dress Size 20/22
Frame small/medium

LL xxxx
weigh 15st 2
height is 5ft 7/8
bmi is 33 ish
dress size 18
medium frame :D


Back on the wagon!
Before baby....Height 5ft 4.5", Weight 11st 12, Frame : Medium, Clothes 12/14, BMI 28 ish
LOL glad I read that again felt really upset. Somehow I read fingers touching round waist and wouldn't be able to do that ever!! Anyway now I'm being a bit less thick :-
BMI - 24
Frame - small
Dress Size - 10ish


Getting married July 2011
Isn't the wrist thing interesting! I don't think it's the most accurate thing in the world, but it gives a guide! I found it recently while surfing the net in search of the answer to the ultimate question....not 'what is the meaning of life' but 'what should I weigh' and it turns out the answer isn't 42 either.

Another interesting point, this is just what I read, please don't quote me, on the frame size is that the BMI is taken for a medium frame size, and that if you're a small frame you need to weigh 10% less to be the same BMI, and 10% more if you're a large frame size.
I am a large frame size, but on the small side of large, so I reckon I should weigh about 7% more than my BMI states. Apparently the ideal BMI is 23 (you're least likely to die according to insurance figures...but is skewed because lots of very ill people lose a lot of weight).
So for me at 5'1" with a large frame...my optimum weight is....130lb...an official BMI of 24.6, and an 'unofficial' BMI of 23.

I am really ranting today!! Sorry, been off college for 6 days, job not starting for another 10, going mental!!!!! Not used to being alone!
I am really ranting today!! Sorry, been off college for 6 days, job not starting for another 10, going mental!!!!! Not used to being alone!

don't worry!! ur not ranting at all, i have been off work all week too and have got through by being on here, it has kept me occupied so as not really thought about the diet, it was bad planning by me to have my first week of diet while on holidays from work!!

hope it's helping u stay focused!!

LL xxxx


Getting married July 2011
Yeah the forum is a godsend!!! I really love talking, and being with a few people I'm comfortable with! Don't do well in groups or all alone!
never knew about the wrist thing mine is
bmi 30.9
dress size 16
frame medium x
sorry just seen on my ticker my bmi is 30.4 lol x


Says it as it is!!!
Size 10 ish top 12 bottoms (getting slacker whoo hoo0
BMI 26. something
Height 5'3"


Silver Member
height 5ft 2"
weight 13st 10
dress size 16
bmi 35.12
well my middle finger meets my thumb on the wrist thing so ....medium frame?
5ft 6in
bmi 30
13st 3lb
size 16 bottom and 16 top 36 E bra (down from a 38)


weighs a lot less
height 5 ft 7 (and a little bit)
bmi 26
large frame
top 12/14
bottom 14/16

size 8 shoes (and child bearing hips lol)

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