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Cara's JUDDDD Diary

I've never done an online diet diary before, so here goes!!

I've never been a skinny lass. Probably never will. I've been bigger than I am now, but have never looked or felt so unhealthy. I have psoriasis and it's the worst it has ever been so I will be tracking that for improvement as much as weight loss.

I was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism last year.

So, first weigh in today - 12st 2lb
At time of writing I have had 1 serving of a Tony Ferguson shake over 2 sittings. Saving my next one for a late tea/supper.

For my Up days I'm planning to follow the principles of the Slimming World Extra Easy plan. With a bit of cake ;oD

So, fingers crossed...
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Day 2.

Took ages to get to sleep last night as felt hyper. Next time I think I will have a quarter measure of shake before bed. That should be ok as the two shakes I have only equate to 404 (TF) or 440 (SW)

Hubby says he heard my tummy rumble quite a lot in the night LOL

Expected to wake up ravenous but was fine.
Breakfast was a cup of herbal tea, slice of toast w butter and a hard boiled egg - not the bacon sarnie as planned. Possibly a Slimming World style full english for lunch....
Day 3.
Had a rough night with DS2 last night so hubby let me have a lie in. Much needed on a Down day - less time to think about food. Think today will be hard as got my period today. The biscuit tin is looking very tempting, whereas yesterday, when I could have had one, did not tempt me at all. Typical.

Got to cook a Sunday dinner for the rest of the family now. Urgh.
Up Day and I have been ravenous! Had a hard boiled egg before the nursery run. Resisted getting treats in Morrisons on the way home though - yay me ;oD

Nursery run is quite energetic - pushing two children in a pram at speed for 20 mins there then one child for 20 mins back - broke into a sweat. Got to do it again in reverse for nursery pick up at 4 - so that's my exercise for the day ;oD

Lightly fried up some leftover veg from yesterday's dinner with some Worcestershire sauce for a snack when got back as will probably be 6ish before my next meal.

Meeting a friend at Starbucks later so an Up Day latte will be in order. ;o)

Making a big lasagne for tea so that the family can have leftovers tomorrow while I'm on my Down Day.

Not feeling any thinner yet. Lol
Staaaarrrrvving!!! Been out and about and haven't had enough fluid might be the explanation. Resisting the biscuit tin is hard but have lush smelling lasagne in the oven. I made it in such a rush though that I forgot the second layer of lasagne sheets. Doh!!

Ice cream for pud??
86alpzzyj said:
Hey Cara, you're doing sooo well hun. well done.
I'm toying between atkins and this again.. keep it up... look forward to reading your posts xx
Good luck with whichever you choose. I toyed with Dukan and South Beach but neither are very family friendly - well not my bunch anyway. No way they would give up pasta etc and potatoes ;oD
Struggling with DD today. Practically salivating when making the bairns' toast this morning. Kept busy all morning so kept away from temptation. Been feeling pretty ratty though. Took home pretzels and pasties to avoid having to cook for the hubby and boys. ;oD

Got ironing to keep me distracted tonight. Living it large LOL
A very up day so far. Birthday cake - well a Victoria sponge - for breakfast. Not the whole thing!! It was way too sweet and had to take the icing off.

Lunch was fried egg and fries. I'm assuming they are both calorie intense. Only a small portion tho but just what I craved. So job done.

Half a mini flake.
God this week is dragging!! ;o(. Have a feeling this is going to be the toughest Down Day so far. Feeling very low today - would have loved a day in bed. Don't get those since having kids though. And hubby is on nightshift so have to take the kids out. And it's sooo cold.

Blah blah blah. What a misery guts I am ;oD.


On A Mission!
Hi Cara, just read through your diary and saw that you have psoriasis. Ive had dreadful psoriasis for at least 15 years. Early on when i first developed it I mentioned to my Dr that I felt it was food related and something I was eating was triggering it . She looked at me like I was stupid, but I think I was right because finally now that I eat healthy food and have lost all my weight, my psoriasis has gone too! and this is usually the worst time of year for it as well. I never expected this to happen, so not only am I now slim I have gotten rid of this curse too. Keep that in mind to help you get through the diet, because losing the fat is not the only benefit. Good luck with judddd !
Think I'm going to have to start having more fibre or take some psyllium husk judging by this morning's poo!! Nearly got me a third hole!!

On the plus side - 11st 11lb. That's a 5lb loss. Woop woop.

Yes, I know it's mostly water, and I can't see or feel much difference - but it's a start!! Hope I can repeat the success next week. Going dig out the Rebounder after the second week as I'm guessing the weight loss will slow down once back on real food for down days.

Food so far today: granola bar and tall chai tea latte from Starbucks. Guessing the granola has quite a lot of calories. The latte had 103. But it's an Up day so treating myself. It's a nursery day so lots of walking.

Fish and chips for tea. My portion will be shared with the kids tho.

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