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Red Day Chicken Cake (with cheese, sausagemeat and bacon)

My dad has been making this for years for all the family... today i adapted the recipe to make it slimming world friendly.
It turned out gorgeous, it was a real treat i had it with some roasted vegetables but you can really put whatever you want with it! Took some pic's of it too hope you like!!

Whole thing is free + hex a

4 skinless chicken breasts
8 morrisons eat smart pork sausages
3 babybel lights
6 rashes of bacon

1- spray some fry light in a square/rectangular oven proofdish
2-slice 2 chicken breasts in small slithers and layer the bottom of the dish.
3- remove the skin from the sausages (i just slid my knife along and skin came off easily)
4-break the sausagemeat up into little blobs and layer it over the chicken.
5-slice the babybel up small and lay randomly on top of the sausagemeat.
6-using a potatoe masher push the cheese into the sausagemeat.
7-slice the remaining 2 chicken breasts in slithers and place over the cheese/sausagemeat.
8-top with the bacon
9-cover with tin foil and cook at 200 for 2 hours or until chicken is cooked through.
10-half hour b4 cooked remove the tin foil. You will have water from the chicken pour this away and cook uncovered for 30 mins.

here's some pic's





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mmmmmmm - looks absolutely yum !

Debz xxx


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Wow! This looks so delish! :D I usually do Green Days, but I think I'll be having a Red Day soon - just for this! :D thanks for the recipe! :)


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Agreed! This is a must try! Wish I had gone to Morrisons today to stock up on sausages! :cry:


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Honestly - I'm still thinking about this. I won't rest til I have it! I'll have to make a dash out to Morrisons tomorrow and it's not near either!
It's worth it Stacey i even had a another little slice of it last night.
I have it tonight too , cold though! Its just as good cold honestly.


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Right Im gna make this too!

Who knows when but I will make this week at some point when I have a few hours to let it cook!


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Mmmm I need to make this....that's tomorrows tea sorted, although do you think it would work with laughing cow triangles rather than babybel? Daft question most probably.


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i was in sainsburys after work today with the sausages, but looked at the queues and they were massive, so i'll try again tomorrow.


needs to focus!!!!
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i should really read recipes fully before i decide to do them. Just put all the ingredients together, then noticed it takes 2 hours. Thats me just put it in for my tea tonight. I"m starvin!!!!!

Edit - after all my waiting (an hour and a half), it was very yummy. Still got a huge bit left.
Thanks for the recipe. xx
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Mrs V

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Oooo Laurie!!! This looks wonderful!!!!

Definitely trying this one out! Looks like a giant sandwich/burger without the bread!


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just had the other bit for my tea tonight, with brocolli, cauliflower and courgettes, was yummy!!!!
Thanks again. xx


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This was yummy but my oven is too powerful, me thinks, as I overcooked it! But I will know for next time to reduce cooking time and/or temp. It was sooo yummy and I had it with a ginormous plate of roasted veg. Will def def def be making again. It was hard to cut it into quarters and only have a quarter rather than half! (But I had to keep telling myself that it would be equivalent to me eating 2 chicken breasts, 4 sausages and half a pack of bacon all in one go so I managed to rein myself in!)

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