Chris_J's food Diary and Tracker

Chris Judson

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C: 13st8.0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 26.5
Overnight oats (40grm oats)(1 x strawberry muller light yogurt)(frozen fruit)

Home made chicken tikka salad (on instagram) consisting of lettuace, tomatoes', cucumbers, tsatsiki. The chicken tikka was from Asda and was cooked last night in the oven then chopped into bits.

Will be roast chicken (stuffed with lemon) coated in salt and frylight, served with ActiveFry roast potatoes (1tsp oil for syns), 85g asda stuffing, Boiled mixed veg, Gravy made from the chicken juices (syns??) and 6tsp of bisto gravy granuals.

1 x Banana
1 x Apple

3 x 24Oz Robinsons lemon squash and still water
2 x mugs black coffee
1 x Mug straight green tea (tetley)
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