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think you need to refeed the week before crimbo if you wanted to eat to limit the damage.

sure someone who knows what they are talking about will help in a a mo x


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
It depends what you planned on eating.

A couple of people have just had one meal for an occasion.

Personally i wouldnt reccomend it. You have plenty more christmases ahead of you, missing one christmas meal isnt going to hurt. Whats more important, getting slim and healthy or stuffing yerself with a christmas meal?

If you did decide to eat then avoid carbs like they are the plague, no gravy, no sauces, stick to meat and a little veg or salad. Is that really worth it?
when you put it like that summergurl i know what you mean! its just gonna be sooo hard! id rather be thin though!

when you do start eating properly is it advisable to join ww or sw? x


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Its advisable to eat healthy, exercise and maintain.
No point being on some sort of diet for the rest of your life.
We all need to learn how to eat and not gain and make sensible choices. It will take time but we will all get there :)
I agree with summergurl but if you do plan on eating you nshud maybe consider refeeding 2 weeks before christmas so you will be in a good frame of mind so you wont eat millions on christmas day! it wud pretty much ruin everything you have achieved. maintainance products mite be a good idea for you for christmas week an you can have a meal then but still lose weight if your good.


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
when you put it like that summergurl i know what you mean! its just gonna be sooo hard! id rather be thin though!

when you do start eating properly is it advisable to join ww or sw? x
Whats guna be harder though; going one christmas day without a meal or going the rest of your life being overweight and carrying excess weight?

(sorry if that sounds harsh) ... and like anne-marie said - if you do plan on eating and want the full christmas meal works you do need to refeed and refeed properly :)

Well done on making it to your second day - I'm sure you'll do more than 2 stone by Christmas!

I'm with Tanya on this one - I think you could forgo one Christmas meal to reach your goal, as from what I've heard on this forum, restarting is difficult, so who knows whether or not you'd get straight back onto LT? Also, even my skinny friends put on weight over Christmas, which wouldn't be the nicest experience for you. But, if you are going to do it I'd suggest re-feeding for at least a week to ensure you're prepared.

Still, you have plenty of time to consider this; once you're further into your LT journey eating for Christmas will probably seem a lot less important!

thanks everyone, ive spoken to my mum about it today & i think we're just going to wait until im where i want to be! also my boyfriend is starting LT on Tuesday so xmas won't be that hard when we're doing it together! x
Good decision Skinny! I'm going to be on LT for months yet and there is no way I would stop for a load of spuds, turkey and brussels, to feel guilty and like crap afterwards. It's just not worth it.

By the time Christmas comes you'll be so impressed by LT that you won't want to give it up for just one meal!
Great decision. There'll be lots of us on here celebrating Christmas without food. I'm definitely not spending a week refeeding just to have one meal, and then have to go through the ketosis change again. It will add at least two weeks to the TFR for me, and by Easter next year I want to be refed, re-educated and eating sensibly.
Good luck - and hope your BF will do well too


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