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Claire's Food Diary


cos i need this xxx
so far so good today - but it IS only 08:41am!!

breakfast - 2 satsumas and bowl of special k with skim milk
plan on :

lunch - peanut butter sandwich on seeded bread (need plenty energy for an afternoon with a 7 mnth and a 2 1/2 yr old!)

dinner - chicken breast with low fat philli and parma ham w/3 slices of french stick with low fat clover and garlic.

aiming for roughly 1500 calories, bt not really counting just making educated estimates.

im also resetting my timescale a bit in my brain cos i think ive just been setting myself unrealistic goals - my aim now it to go for 2lbs a week but be happy with one - with my overall goal being 7 lbs a month, that way it will be just before the end of the year i can reach my ultimate goal. i think this way i will have to address my issues with food and not rely on faddy diets and unsustainable restriction.

hopefully i can becomae a bit more stable about my food demons!!

much love and good luck everyone else!

one last thing !! please please please leave mesages if u read! it helps so much with motivation!!

love u all loadsss!!!

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Your meal plan looks good...you're dinner sounds lovely.

I don't think you'd be near 1500 cals, I think you would be less, but i'm not sure of the cals in the chicken and philly. I think you'd be around 1200 cals, but the french stick im not sure about either. Its still a step in the right direction doing a diary.

Good luck, look forward to tomorrows! I do a diary every day too if ur looking for ideas ect.



cos i need this xxx
well im very pleased with myself, i stuck to my plan entirely all for the exception of 3 mini doughnuts - and they really were tiny - i am calling them 200 cals but over estimating to be safe!
the bfast was about 300 cals, lunch i will estimate for 500 cos the seeded bread an peanut butter is quite high, doughtnuts - 200 and the chiken and philli was about 300 plus about 200 on the french stick....
1500 - plus i has 3 satsumas but not bothering about them cos thyre healthy and all in all im very pleased with my day :)
i also did 35 mins on wii fit burning 177 cals and im gonna do a few songs on the just dance game :)

You've done so well today Claire, those mini doughnuts are addictive aren't they!

There is a big box of Thorntons chocolates behind me in work (the ones that are individually wrapped, smaller than the ones you would normally get in a box)...I had 2 and they were 40 calories each, I was shocked, tried not to think about the days before xmas where I ate 8/9 a day.

Anyway, Keep up the good work, for me the weekend is worse. I like to eat my dinner later at the weekends as it means the nights aren't as long.

Hey Claire,

Glad you joined the healthy eaters thread too - were all in this together!!

So how are you doing today?

Looks like your going great guns now...good for you! Don't forget theres no need to ever be hungry fruit/veg snacks are fine, and if you fancy something sweet, have it but just try to minimise the impact - I always have nature valley oaty bars for this reason, they give me the sweet fix I need but they are only 0.8 saturates for 2 biscuits!

Keep up the good work...and i'll try to too! ;)


cos i need this xxx
so far, so good again today.

ive had -

bfast - bowl of special k - 200
snack - 2 finger kitkat - 110
lunch - 2 scotch pancakes with clover light plus 2 ryvita crispbakes w/low fat hummus - 500 ish
and plan for
dinner - chicken breast w/ stuffing and goose fat roastied (being bad , but not gonna have many, its left over from xmas and im really craving them lol!) i'll estimate this at around 900 to be on the safe side
thats roughly 1700 - and my ex is coming up for a wii night so ill burn lots on the wii fit and just dance - i have fallen in love with just dance!!



cos i need this xxx
i figure re the roasties - a little of what u fancy and all that. im just proud i resisted the urge to make about 20 of them 3 nights ago at 11pm when i was getting the baby's bottles ready lol!
im weighing in on saturdays and had lost 2 lbs this week :)



Losing the mummy fat
Well done on losing the 2lbs! Thats fab.
Im loving the sound of your diet as you're including yummy things in it too.
Keep it up xx


cos i need this xxx
hey hey doodlelover! im just trying to eat normally but reduce portions of things that arent too bad etc etc. tonight i gave in a wee bit and had a mullerlight and 3 scotch pancakes so i only had 3 roasties (3/4 of a potato) 1/2 the chicken breast and a little bit of stuffing. hopefully i reduced calories a bit that way and limited the damage lol!


Well done on your loss, 2lbs is amazing!! At least you know your doing something right.

I normally count my Special K as 130 cals. Maybe I eat a different type, mines is the red one and the purple one, but i've been eating rice krispies recently.

Keep us posted



cos i need this xxx
yeah - i add the milk which i though would take it to about 165 or something..? maybe am wrong - will check in morning!
my little one is up at hospital for chemo tomorrow so will have to take a packed lunch cos its all to easy to succumb to the hospital canteen and the shop that always has tablet made by old ladies for the church - old ladies make the best stuff!
so tomorrow the plan is -

breakfast - special k (am branching out and bout the yogurty one and the honey oat one lol!) prob 2 satsumas - 200

lunch - peanut butter sandwich and a mullerlight - 550(ish)

dinner - probably "cook yourself thin" carbonara - yummy! its with parma ham and skimmed milk but a bit of fresh parmesan and loads of herbs n spices , its true that spices and seasonings can really transform things from "diet food" to really and full of flavour! - around 400

will try and get 30 mins on the wii fit and 30 on just dance but dunno if i will as the hospital days are pretty draining, physically and mentally and i usually veg (or usually munch if im honest!) so will have to work extra hard at craving conrol 2moro!

if i stick to that menu ten i have a couple of hundred cals to play with so might have a kit kat senses - yummy!

ive discovered 2 new things to add to my treat list that dont have much in the way of calories:
micado chocolate stick - 11 cals each and 5 is enough to satisfy a chocolate craving.
and the odd one is organix carrot sticks - theyre crispy snacks for babies so theyre low salt, low fat and really tasty, theyre salty tasting but also a bit sweet as the flavouring is carrot powder or something - theyre only 68 cals a pack and are great for a crisp craving.

anyways best of luck all :)



cos i need this xxx
aw man im disappointed today - but not surprised! i was at hospital with my little one which always gets me reachng for sugar :(

i started off well with :
bfast special k yogurty - 200
snack - kit kat senses - 170
lunch peanut buetter sandwich - 400
mullerlight 100

then lost it and had :
creme egg bar - 300
slab coconut ice - 300
tablet - 300 :(
2 finger kit kat - 110

really f*cked it up :( and am still to have dinner - i estimate dinner will be about 500 so ill be eating like .....
2400 :( apparently for my weight thats what id need to maintain my weight so i guess add an exercise dvd and just dance and hopefuly ill not gain from this :(

just annoyed at myself though :( was doing well in my opinion.

oh and organix carrot stix - takes total to about 2500 - not good :(



Losing the mummy fat
Aww hun its obviously going to be hard for you with your little one being poorly.
Tomorrow wipe the slate clean & start again! Were all here for you to share your problems with xxx


cos i need this xxx
i did so badly - id lost all sense of motivation. i made a tray of cheesey pasta and ate ALL of it :( then i had 2 bowls of special k and 2 mullerlights :eek:
am a bit horrified! the food alone has made me weigh 5 lbs more :( hopefully thats just the weight of the food lol!
but yeah - im considering it a blip - and get back on track as of now. will be ultra sensible the next couple days and not have any chocolate or crisps cos having a little turns into having a lot most times!

well tomoro's plan is -

bfast - slim fast shake (cant bear the thought of special k after the bowls tonight!) 220
lunch - ready meal chicken and potatoes - 400
dinner - peanut butter sandwich (i have a dance aerobics class called zumba so cant have anything heavy or will end up with a stitch all thru! - 400

will stick to that religiously - plus some fruit as snack and reckon ill be at about 1200 cals for the day!


You are doing so well, please dont give up!! So what if you had a slip up, as long as you pick yourself up and carry on then it wont make a difference on the scales, no point in worrying about it because its done now.

I've been finding it really hard the last couple of days, its my totm and im craving food like crazy, i had a toast and jam binge the other night as that was all i could find, and last night I had 2 bowls of ready brek rather than 1. trying my best to stay strong!



cos i need this xxx
am motivated to get back on track and littlemiss we can both do it!!!!!


i hate binges where you realise you only did it cos it was there!
my big boy is at hospital again tomorrow but his dad is talking him so im gonna work out when y baby is napping as well as my zumba class tomorrow night - hopefully thatll counter some of todays indulgence!

best of luck everyone and we are all so strong and really really can do it!!


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