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Clothes size - inches guide..


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Hi my beautiful's!

Some of have been wondering whether we will fit into such an d such by such a time...

so been having a look on the old internet to see what i could find....

This is all off pinkfringe.com incase anyone wants to check...

Size 18
Bust - 40 inches
Waist - 34 inches
Hips - 44 inches

Size 16
Bust - 38 inches
Waist - 32 inches
Hips - 42 inches

Size 14
Bust - 36.5 inches
Waist - 30 inches
Hips - 40 inches

Size 12
Bust - 35
Waist - 28
Hips - 38

Size 10
Bust - 33.5
Waist - 26
Hips - 36.5

Thought this might help... and also when we do our measurements we will know what size we "should" be...

always bear in mind, some shops are stingier than others with material... so dont be disheartened if you need a size up...

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Ooh I just checked mine and I'm a size 18 and my waist is 37 inches and my hips are 49 inches and my bust 44 inches!!! According to that I must be about a size 24!
they are all different but say you want to buy dorothy perkins you can go on the official site and the have there own sizing guides
Dorothy perkins sizing

Size 18
Bust - 43 inches
Waist - 36 inches
Hips - 45 inches

Size 16
Bust - 40 inches
Waist - 33 inches
Hips - 43 inches

Size 14
Bust - 37 inches
Waist - 31 inches
Hips - 41 inches

Size 12
Bust - 36
Waist - 29
Hips - 38

Size 10
Bust - 34
Waist - 27
Hips - 37

all shops differ so its always good to check also when you go bigger than a 16 the sizes the inches between sizes also gets bigger. kaliko is on the small size and there size 20 is more like a dorothy perkins size 18

So best bet is to go on there sites and see how they are sizing there clothes esp if buying off ebay :)
Thanks for posting this. I also presume it relates to the size fitting as it would on the size mannequin and not 'if i breathe in it fits' like i try to tell myself on occasion lol


My husband = My hero
i think this is is you have ABSOLUTELY no lumps, bumps nothing lol

just thought it would give us all something to work to!

Thanks for the DP ones too!

Funny just how different sizes can be shop to shop!

remember also that if you buy cotton t-shirts or tops made from cotton over time they stretch, thats how cotton is...


My husband = My hero
im just thrilled that DP is more generous haha

its my favourite shop, there jeans are very generous by a couple of inches or so :) best place for jeans as they have lots of flattering shapes and styles :) love them they even go up to a 22 yay
Im a 49inch hips but I am so comfortably in a size 20 jeans for DP's :)
it's really interesting all the differences. i'm into 14 clothes, which ties with my measurements exactly for DP but my monsoon dress is a 16 due to the bra area being tight and hangs on my waist and hips. their sizes are in cm, which i hate seeing. wonder how next fits in with these sizes.... off to find out and post back.
right this is NEXT

Size 18
Bust - 41"
Waist - 34 1/2"
Hips - 43 1/2"

Size 16
Bust - 39"
Waist - 32"
Hips - 41 1/2"

Size 14
Bust - 37"
Waist - 30"
Hips - 39 1/2"

Size 12
Bust - 35 1/2"
Waist - 28"
Hips - 37 1/2"

Size 10
Bust - 34"
Waist - 27"
Hips - 36"
they are smaller in next and DP clothes are more generous than the inches as well by an inch or two :)
And yet I was still able to wear my size 12 linen cropped summer trousers from next when i was 10 stone all the way through to 12 and a half stone. And they weren't even elasticated!! Very weird.
Very useful thread, thanks x
i think that this illustrates how different our body shapes are and how differently our fat/muscle etc is placed around our bodies.
i think that this illustrates how different our body shapes are and how differently our fat/muscle etc is placed around our bodies.
I bought a dress off ebay and was able to find it selling on the internet through a catalogue, I always check makes for size guidelines before buying clothes off ebay and it said bust 47inches I am 48inches at present so i thought thats about right but there was a couple of feedback comments about how the dress was very large in the bust area, someone said the size 18 was more like a 26 in the boobage area!!!! I am an hourglass shape and thought what if its was too big..... anyway dress fits lovely but in a couple of weeks when i have lose that extra inch it will be perfect!!! I believe that we should go on iches over dress size as you can see what you really are!!!! I could squeeze myself in a size 22 jeans when really I needed a size 26 but i thought wow i am only a size 22!!! we can decieve ourselves!!

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