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Daisy's food log...

hi, thought i would record what i'm eating - will be useful for me to look back in a few weeks to see what week 1 bought.

day 1 and 2
cod fillet - about 80g
cooked in oven for 20 mins with salt and

day 3
went back to 4 packs as was out all day and there was only fast food available

day 4
90g tuna steak dry fried, salt and pepper
mixed salad leaves

day 5
85g king prawns marinated in chilli sauce
dry fried cooked with chopped chilli
mixed salad leaves

day 6
85g king prawns cooked in worcester sauce, garlic and fresh lime juice
salad leaves with celery, balsamic vinegar and lime juice

does it sound ok so far?

i was veggie for 20 years and only really eat fish occasionally over the last couple of years - well that was til now lol!
i want some quorn but the plain stuff is rather boring so going to wait til i can eat some cooked veg before having it, might go for cottage cheese tomorrow as a change!

i really need to be able to look back at these as they have been lovely, filling and tasty - and it's what i should be eating for a normal tea eventually

daisy x
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Sounds interesting Daisy.I'm starting on Saturday and can only think of chicken and tuna,however now I've got my books hopefully will be able to make it more exciting in time when other things are permitted.Good luck xx


Making it all add up
Look fine to me Daisy, as you go on you'll worry less and less about weights & measures and learn to guestimate more regarding what suits you.

Aren't flavours fantastic though! Just you wait until fruit gets into the equation, still blows my mind!


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Daisy, I love fish so keeping track of your choices as they sound great. I'm getting lots of ideas for future maintenance never mind for RTM.
thanks guys

well, i bought some cottage cheese - but it didn't look very appetising so i had 50g of it mixed with 50g tinned tuna and some chives out of my garden.

picked fresh mixed salad out of the garden, lots of balsamic vinegar and lime juice,ground pepper and just mixed it all up.

was OK - not too keen on the cottage cheese tbh, maybe it will grow on me!

daisy x
well i'm into week 2 now

i had my salad from the garden again tonight with mixed fish (from tesco fish pie mix, salmon, cod and smoked something!)

also had a sugar free jelly and half a tub of 0% total yoghurt - the jelly tasted really artificialy sweet

i feel like i've over eaten - i have had about 720 calories
is that about right for week 2?

daisy x


Making it all add up
Yes, don't worry too much about calorie intake, you can't have too much in the early weeks as the choices are very limited. 700 - 800 seems about right to me.

Like you, I've also rediscovered fish, there's literally hundreds of different types and methods for cooking them all - just a shame I live as far away from the sea as is possible!
hi there
the chilli sauce is actually 'jamaica's pride hot pepper sauce' from tesco. 0 calories. hot and nice!

well, not sure i should admit to what i have eaten over the last 2 days....

it was my best mates 40th birthday and we have had a girlie weekend in brighton.

for the first time in 24 weeks i have gone off plan!!!!

3 food packs
meal out in restaurant
starter: plain grilled sardines (good choice, very fiddly and took ages to eat and not much on them - prob about 30g of protein)
main: caesar prawn salad - dressing on side. removed all parmesan shavings and croutons. Ate two half walnuts and dipped fork ends in dressing pot twice!

One glass of rose wine

Was quite pleased up to now....

back at the apartment one of the girls had made a chocolate and cream birthday cake, with thorntons chocs on top.

i decided to have a choc as they are my fav - and i had a sliver of cake.

i felt soooooooo bloated after the cake, not nice (but tasted gorgeous!)

saturday i felt fine - no bad effects.

I ate 2 foodpacks in the day and we cooked at apartment and i had salad and prawns. Took a bar out for evening which I ate at about 10pm.

Had a glass of champagne ( with 3 strawberries in) - and another, and another - well, 5 glasses in all.

Really enjoyed them. Didn't feel drunk - thought I would have fallen over at the first sniff so was quite surprised!

Trouble was i got the munchies - everyone got fish and chips etc about 1am. I had fish and peeled off all batter ate about 120g.

was pleased i resisted chips - but had 2 pieces of cake back at apartment - that is the thing which annoyed me. I didn't need them ( they were only very small pieces) I knew what it tasted like so I really should not have had them

I suffered this morning, which i am glad about, as it serves me right and hopefully will act as a warning for me!!

so, what have i learnt....

well, i don't regret any of it and am now back on plan 100%

i made sensible decisions for the majority of the weekend, the restaurant in particular, and the late night takeaway.

i avoided cocktails and baileys and stuck with champagne

the walnuts/strawberries and tiny dip of dressing are not an issue, i don't think

the cake was the only thing i have issues with as i made the wrong decisions here and i need to think about why i did it.

the bloating and discomfort after eating it was good for me and i will hopefully remember how bad i felt.

anyway, i am looking forward to weigh in tomorrow - i want to see how my body has reacted. I am ready for a big gain of glycogen and won't be set back by it as i know it will come off.

It has made me realise that i need to be careful at glastonbury in a couple of weeks as i can't feel like i did this morning in a tent with no nice toilets!!!

I'm back on track 100%

daisy x


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Great post Daisy.Sounds like you had a fab time,but have learned and drawn a line under it.Sensible girl xx
Liked the comments about the loos.You're obviously a hardened festival goer :D .Thanks for the chilli dip tip x


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Hey Daisy.

Really glad to see you're not making a slip the end of the world. It happens - you learn - you become a more efficient weight holder. Don't beat yourself up, and most importantly just keep on going like you have been.

Glad to see you're doing well :D


I Can Do This!
RTM where we learn to control our futures. Well done for recognising and looking to address the issues arising. No panic, just something to think about. Thanks for sharing this. xx
Hi there
back on track
i only ended up having 3 packs yesterday as i was feeling so bloated still.
today its back to normal
banana shake breakfast
cranberry bar lunch
salad and fish tea
vanilla shake supper

greek 0% yoghurt snack

Just got back from weigh in - have put on 1lb

not sure how i feel - relieved i think.

just hope that it comes off next week.

got the recipe book and the first two cds so am going to look at them later

daisy x


...we're sinking deeper.
Hey Daisy! You're doing really well, emotionally and mentally you are keeping yourself up in check - it's great to see! The few slips are bound to happen, of course! What we do is learn from these things and move on. :)

However just one point: Champagne is 76 kcal per 100ml. 1 shot of gin (25ml measure) is 55 kcal... So a little bit of a difference there. Plus, the champagne contains carbs and the gin doesn't... Also - because Champagne is much easier to drink, a glass is 120ml or so? And the pub measure of concentrated alcohol stays the same. When I drink I go with drinking Gin and Slimline tonic: it's a respectable drink, and even if you don't like it... well I used to hate anything that wasn't cider: but I've grown to love Gin&Slimline! One measure is diluted with the tonic and it feels like a proper drink. So I'd personally rate it a better choice against the champagne.

Alcohol is very unpredictable and even if sometimes we don't feel it's effects: they are present. So I start with making at least the best choice I can (gin) within the difficult situation (drinking with people).
Plus; isn't alcohol only introduced in Week 5? ;) Heheheheh. Ahh no worries there. We've all had our "naughty" days on RTM! We're our own bosses after all; and you have a very healthy attitude to it all. So well done! :D

Anyways: here is a good website for the alcohol related meaures and nutrition info... http://www.weightlossresources.co.uk/calories/calorie_counter/alcohol.htm
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hi min
i don't normally ever drink bubbly, not that keen tbh - it was just that it was all the girls buying bottles as it was the 40th birthday celebrations!

i will be sticking to vodka i think when i do drink again - or barcadi ( are they ok?)

i know its not til week 5, but i really wanted to celebrate and after being 100% for the rest of the time and missing so may other birthdays i just thought 'sod it!' lol!

i'm not planning on getting back in the habit of drinking, and certainly will be watching the calories when i do

daisy x
food today

cranberry bar 8am whilst driving to cambridge ( set off 6.30am)
banana shake 12.30
peanut bar in car on way home 5pm
quorn pieces marinated in total 0% yog and chilli sauce
green salad
rest of greek yog - i tsp of vanilla shake powder mixed in

i have a couple of extra packs from when i swopped onto RTM and have decided to mix a tsp of them with the greek yog, just takes away the sourness and i reckon one pack will last most of the week so calorie wise isn't going to be too bad

daisy x


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Nice and inventive Daisy! Seem to be getting into the rythm!

LL banana shake

Tesco PROBIOTIC DRINK Yoghurt, Original


LL cranberry bar
Afternoon Tea​

Total YOGHURT Greek, 0% Fat

QUORN Fajita, Strips


Alpro Soya PROVAMEL Yoghurt, Plain, Organic

LL vanilla shake
Grand Total 735​

That was easier than writing it out again!
Hope it makes sense!

- the cadbury mini egg was 15 calories, and the lick of cake mix was prob about the same so i will have had about 760 calories today

is that right for week 2 of RTM?

daisy x

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
looks good to me daisy , nice options , wish id have been that inventive :) think i looked like a raw spinach leaf by week 4 LOL
Ok so a better day today - no tastes of anything.
I was due to start week 3 today - so had 50g of strawberries, but then had 3 LL meals too - should be just 2, but didn't want to do too much fruit on first day​

Total calories 725 but swam so net cals 558​

When doing excercise should i eat more to get back up to the 750 mark or should i just leave it as a lower net cal for the day?​

daisy x​

LL banana shake
Total YOGHURT Greek, 0% Fat

LL cranberry bar

PRAWNS King 100g
Greek 0% yog

LL Fruit bar
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