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Debs SW Journey - the dreaded WI tonight!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Cavycrazy, 16 July 2008 Social URL.

  1. Cavycrazy

    Cavycrazy Silver Member

    Hi all fellow SW'ers.

    First proper full day today, am doing Green day. I feel as though I have eaten way too much, and feel like a stuffed pig. :confused:

    This is what I have had:-

    2 x weetabix (hex b), skimmed milk, (hex a) + strawberries (f)

    Heinz spagetti (f).
    Danone F/free Yog (f)

    Branston Soya beans in sweet chilli sauce + rice (f).
    Danone F/free yogurt (f)

    banana, apple, 2 x satsumas.
    Hi Fi bar (hex b)

    Maltesers 9.5

    Does this look right ?. Thanks

    Deb x
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  3. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    well, I've eaten loads more than you today. I think yours looks fine!
  4. Cavycrazy

    Cavycrazy Silver Member



    I think I am just struggling to get my head around eating so much. :eek:

    SW is SO different to CD and WW.

    If I eat like this and loose weight I am going to be so gobsmacked next week at WI!
  5. mod-karen79

    mod-karen79 rainbows holiday buddy :)

    keep eating like you're eating you're diary looks fine :)
  6. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    I know how you feel!!! Fingers crossed for both of us when we weigh in next week (I will weigh in on Tuesday .. what about you?)
  7. Claire1981

    Claire1981 Is so very nearly there!

    Looks good hun!

    Enjoy it!
  8. couscous

    couscous Full Member

    Thats looks perfect. I know it looks like you're eating a lot but if you look all you have syn wise is Maltesers. The rest if healthy fruits, vegetables, grains and pulses. I am having this battle with my bf at the m,oment because he says that i can't lose weight when I am eating this much but I promise you it can and does happen. Good luck.
  9. Cavycrazy

    Cavycrazy Silver Member

    I know, its so strange eating so much food! :eek: Hubby being ever supportive keeps saying, there is no way you are going to loose eating what you are. :cry:. I hope I can turn round and rub his nose in it if I do :worthy:.

    WI is next Wed night. :eek:

    Ok, heres my food for Thursday. AGAIN, it felt like eating too much! :eatdrink051:

    DATE: Thurs 17th July. GREEN DAY


    28g Morrison Fruit & fibre (hex b)
    skimmed milk (hex a)
    Unfrozen mixed summber berries


    Batchelors Pasta n Sauce, Mushroom in Wine (f)
    Danone F/free yogrut (f)


    2 x egg omlette, with lettuce, cherry toms, cucumber, onion (f)
    Branston chickpeas in tom sauce (f)
    Apple, Satsuma with Danone Yog on top (f)


    Grapes (f)
    Banana (f)
    Hi Fi bar (hex b)


    Curly Wurly 6

    Exercise for the day.... Gym night. :whacky068:

    If anyone has any comments or can see if am going wrong please let me know, appreciate your support.

    Thanks xx
  10. nannydi

    nannydi wants a new body

    i know what you mean about all the eating hun
    i have been at SW since 19th June and have never eaten so much lol

    yesterday i had a green day and for my dinner/tea i had a huge pile of stirfry veg fried in frylite with quorn pieces and egg noodles i sat down and hubby was adamant i had got too much!!!!
    but i told him to wait and see next week lol when i get weighed
  11. abigail09

    abigail09 Gold Member

    my boyfriend was like that when i first started and is always like 'are you eating again?!' he always complains when i eat us out of food becuase he buys the groceries lol but its obviously working
  12. Cavycrazy

    Cavycrazy Silver Member

    I know I keep going on about it and feel like a stuck record, but just feeling so skeptical that this is going to work. I just cant get my head around that can eat so much food and will loose some weight.

    Dont get me wrong I am ENJOYING eating it all at moment, but there a 'nagging doubt' in the back of my mind that surely 'portion control' has got to start kicking in at some point! :confused:

    At the moment I am trying to eat 3 meals a day with healthy snacks (apart from the small chocolate fix :D). But have noticed my portions are getting bigger and bigger and I am only on day 3. Eg: today I am having for lunch a big portion of veggie chilli with some spagetti. Normally it would be a sarnie, salad or soup. For me to be sitting down eating this chilli and spagetti at lunchtime is so different after all these years of trying to apply WW.

    This meal is going to leave me full, and I know from experience that by teatime I wont be feeling 'hungry'. HOWEVER, because I have all these wonderful ingredients to play with, even though not hungry I could easily sit down to eating another massive meal..because its FREE! and not because I am hungry, and it just feel so wrong!

    I just feel I should be implimenting some sort of 'control' over the portions :eek:

    I know I am only just getting into SW, and perhaps when you first start there is an element of...whooohoooo look at all this food that you can eat and you go a bit bonkers and then settle down to more realistic sized portions when the novilty of it all wears off. Has anyone else kind of done this or felt this way ??

    Dont know whether am making sense to anyone else or just sounds like am rambling, as not sure if getting the point across that I am trying to. :confused:

    Hope it does and it doenst sound like am a nutter . :D
  13. suse

    suse Member

    I felt exactly the same as you. Because it was free I ate it whether I was hungry or not. I voiced my concerns at my last meeting and was told to just carry on, and I have been losing every week.
  14. Cavycrazy

    Cavycrazy Silver Member

    thats exactly how am feeling at moment! :confused: it just feel so 'wrong'.

    I am at the point now dreading my WI as certainly dont feel like have lost anything, plus my own scales havent budged either! :cry:
  15. Cavycrazy

    Cavycrazy Silver Member

    Fridays Scoffing :D

    28g oats (hex b)
    Skimmed milk (hex a)
    Frozen fruit

    Home made Veggie Chilli, with toms, onion, chilli mix etc. Syns worked out to 12 in total, split into 3 portions. ( See syns)
    Wholemeal Spagetti
    Danone F/free yogurt

    Branston chickpeas in tom sauce
    Lettuce, cherry toms, cucumber
    Danone F/free yog & Apple

    Grapes, Plums
    Banana x 2
    Hi fi bar (hex b)

    Veggie Chilli (from lunch) 4
    Curly Wurly 6
  16. Cavycrazy

    Cavycrazy Silver Member

    Saturdays scoffing. :eek:

    28g oats (hex b)
    Skimmed milk (hex a)
    Frozen fruit

    Ainsley Harriott Wild Mushroom cous cous (see syns)
    Lettuce, cucumber, celery, cherry toms.
    Danone F/Free yogurt

    Quorn Peppered Steaks x 2
    New spuds, carrots, peas, beans & corn

    Hi fi bar (hex b)
    Cherrys, Banana

    Cous cous from lunch ½
    Maltesers 9 ½
    ½ Fruit Scone, butter & jam (tiny amount) 6
  17. Louise24

    Louise24 Gold Member

    You don't look like you are eating too much at all. Just remember to drink water with your meals, and eat slowly, that way you give your stomach time to tell your brain that it's had enough!

    I've been on SW years and vary, sometimes I don't eat much, but today for example, I had a pasta n' sauce, and was still hungry so I had 6 cracker breads (1B) and cottage cheese.

    Previously I've found the more I eat - the more I lose!
  18. SkinnyMalink

    SkinnyMalink Full Member

    Your menus sound so delicious I'm going to nick some of your ideas! I've never even heard of the chickpeas/soya beans in tomato sauce- are they nice?
  19. Cavycrazy

    Cavycrazy Silver Member

    You should see my plates, they are like little mountains. :eek::D

    I do manage to drink a fair bit of water and loads of herbal teas. :)

    There have been a few occasions where I have been eating and i have thought...'phew! thats it I am full' and have wanted to stop... but havent :p:eek: and have finished whats on my plate ((old habits)).

    I think its time for me to start listening to my body and hearing what its saying ((which will be a first for me :D)) and 'stop' when I have that full feeling rather than going onto 'stuffed' :eek:

    I think thats the thing with this way of eating... the foods I am eating as so filling I just have to be more sensible. :)

    I have never been on a diet (sorry healthy way of eating) like this before. !
  20. Cavycrazy

    Cavycrazy Silver Member

    Hi, I hadnt seen them before. I found them in Morrisons last week and thought...oh will try them for a change!

    My SW leader said they were free on Green. I havent looked them up as think they are newish ??

    I enjoyed the Soya been more as they had a sweet chilli sauce.

    Either would be yummy on a jacket spud. :D.

    I intend to buy some more when go shopping.
  21. Louise24

    Louise24 Gold Member

    Hehe, I know, If I cook potato wedges I'll use about 5 medium potatoes, thinking I'll make enough to stick in the fridge for later - though I still always go back for seconds and eat the whole lot!!!

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