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Elivira's on a mission to eliminate 100lbs!


Mistress of the Dark
I'm starting Exante a week on Monday and I can't wait! I previously did Cambridge for 6 months and lost 7st but I didn't come off it properly and have gained all the weight back again. I must say I favour CD but I can't afford it. Exante seems so similar but cheaper so I thought I would give it a whirl.

I hope to get to know some of you as I will be needing a lot of support! :p

Gem xxx
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reaching my goal
welcome . I love exante ive been doing it for 17 days know and havent cheated apart from today its my partners birthday and we are going out . You will get lots of support here we are like a family and if it wasnt for these guys i wouldnt have got this far xx
so goodluck and hope to see you lots xx


Mistress of the Dark
]Ah thanks :) I actually can't wait to get started but it's financially not possible right now. Oh well, only 9 days to go woohoo! :D
Hi Gem, welcome aboard, love the picture by the way, I am sure you will be slinking around soon. Good luck for when you start, not much to add really as you know what to expect so enjoy it and remember to keep us updated and to come to the forum if you just want to chat


Mistress of the Dark
Thank you muchly :D I'm dying to get started! I shall indeed keep your updated and 2 weeks tomorrow I WILL be posting my first loss :p
Hello Elvira. I did Cambridge myself a while back. I did the same as you and lost a lot of weight but then did nothing to maintain. We live and learn.

I like this diet. The shakes are very creamy. I'm less keen on the bars. I'm sure that you'll do just fine.

Good luck!
Hi Elvira,

I am a ex CD as well and start Exante today, Sadly i never got to goal as i started to feel good and think oh well lets just enjoy myself now ... sadly it meant regaining over a stone and as i never got to goal i find myself with around 2 stone to lose ... i too decided on exante as it was cheaper i got the bulk 4 week pack at £104 (inc postage) which works out £26 per week saving me £14 pw from CD .... i am worried about the taste of the shakes but everyone seems to enjoy them say they are ok, ... we will see,

wishing i had cut back on food /carbs but was on holiday from work this last week and gained 2-3lbs :cry: so i know you can't start right now but you seem so possitive and in the right frame of mind maybe it might be worth doing a low carb diet with lots of water till your packs arrive ,

mojobrad ... snap ! looks like a lot of us 1st time round seem to put weight back on etc maybe we need to learn the lesson and see how easy it is to gain etc ! at least we are in good company !



Mistress of the Dark
Thanks guys!

wannabesize10 that is EXACTLY what I did. I let feeling great go to my head and lost sight of my goal. Well done for not letting it all go back on though. I wish I could have managed that! Sadly I am an emotional eater and I haven't had much to be happy about this last year so I have just been eating everything in sight!

I will definitely try to reduce my carbs this week so I can have an easier start on Monday. The headaches really kill me so if I could avoid those I would be so happy! x
does that mean your starting tomorrow ??

or having the last supper this weekend so to speak ?

well i only ordered the shakes but have to say like them all , so thats a plus,

wishing you all the best for your first week :)


Mistress of the Dark
I'm starting Monday so that I can make sure I can afford the next lot in 4 weeks time.

I only got the shakes. I'm not a lover of soup and I would rather not have the bars to begin with. I just want to keep it simple and I struggle to drink the water so can't bear to drink even more for the sake of having a bar lol! x
Hi Gem, good luck with your start on monday!

Looks like a few of us have a similar story, I used to do CD too, and when I came off I put on about 4 stone (over 18 months). So I'm doing Exante to get it off again and more, for me its the convenience of getting the products through the post as I'm pretty busy, but I actually prefer them to CD products too.

So welcome and I'd love to hear what you think of exante compared to CD. And good luck!

Dee x
Ohh im starting mine tomorrow, rather nervous but excited too, a bit worried what the shakes and soups are going to taste like too but i must do this. I want to get down to a zie 10-12, im currently a size 16, im a bit worried i will end up with saggy boobs too as they are huge!

My problem with food has been having the time to prepare proper meals, i leave work rush straight to do the horses and grab anything i can in a shop on the way! so im hoping this will be ideal for me!

Good luck!


Mistress of the Dark
Thanks everyone! :D

I did put my name on the usernames list but someone else reposted and missed me off so I added it again lol x
Elvira, love your website, my wife crochet's a huge amount and some of the things she has made are incredible, from table top things to tops she wears, it take a lot of time and it would certainly keep you busy.

Your 1st few days of the diet will probably be your easiest and once the novelty wears off it gets hard but you have been preparing for this day and I just know you are going to be brilliant.

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