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Elz0301 food diary


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Hi I'm going to start a food diary, maybe us RC ladies can compare notes and meal suggestions as it can get a bit dull if u stick to the same old stuff!

So far today

B - special k and ss milk
L will be couscous (50g dry weight) with 1/2 tsp of veg stock powder (make with 125ml boiling water and just cover while water absorbs). While couscous is absorbing I chopped one tomato, 1/4 cucumber and half red pepper into little chunks. And 2 spring onions. Mix all together add squeeze lemon juice and sprinkle of basil. 160 cal total and there's loads there or halve and have it (its meant to be recipe for 2) with some ham / prawns/ chicken.

The couscous recipe is RC and u can add chilli but that's too spicy for me......and I had an incident where I accidentally rubbed chilli in my eye once which has put me off!

My snacks are going to be an alpen light bar and 150g strawberries. Not sure what I'll rustle up for dinner as shopping day tomorrow so not a lot in!
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Sounds good to me,


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Had 3 alpen light bars lucky they're only 63 Cals each, bad really but its cos I got stuck at work late and was really hungry and left my pear at home which was my emergency snack.

Rachel that couscous is so easy to make and yummy.

Dinner tonight is veg rice (tesco) with added veg and some chopped up meat.....need to tot up cals but lunch was 160 so should be within my limit which is 1600.


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537 - half packet of tesco value rice, 150g mushroom, half red onion and 33g pepperoni - cook rice (I microwave it) while it is cooking chop pepperoni up into smaller pieces and dry fry in pan so little crispy, put in bowl while frying onion and mushrooms off in pan (can use any veg really like pepper, etc) when cooked add cooked rice and pepperoni and mix together, Mmmmm my partner loves it. Pepperoni is fairly high in fat so I use this as treat meal.

I've still got 280 left so later might gave some fruit and yoghurt .....after I've been food shopping!


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I finished off yesterday with 100g of ben and jerry frozen yoghurt - 180 cals and half price in tesco at the moment! Was lovely


B - special k with ss milk 280
L - 50g onion houmous, wholemeal pitta (145) and carrot and cucumber 300 cals
D - gammon steak (340) with 225g mash potato and beans - total cals 593

Snacks 180 - banana, one pear and one alpen light bar.

Got just over 100 cals left for yoghurt later :) hope I start losing again soon!

Currently 12st5 after few "naughty" weekends.....


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B - special k with ss milk
L - pitta houmous and carrot sticks
D - tuna and spaghetti with home made White sauce - my other half made this est 590 as put cheese on top! Had salad with it.
Snacks - Small apple and strawberries - 112 cals
Ww choc mousse 106
Pink n White 50 and then ooops naughty choc brownie 333
Total for day - 1803

Today so far....
B and l same as yesterday
Dinner is RC pizza from one of her mags have to check cals for that but 458 if have chorizo on it....but we are going to have ham instead for change

Did core DVD today and tons of housework as partner been doing up flat making a mess!

What's everyone having for dinner? :)


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Snacks yesterday were pineapple and a pink n white, then had dessert which was frozen yoghurt
Total for day 1708 - 372 exercise (housework and DVD) = 1336
I use my fitnesspal to record my calories it's really easy to use


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B - fruit smoothie (12 strawberries, small banana and pineapple) 329 cals
L - ham pitta bread (wholemeal of course) with salt n vinegar snack a jacks 389
D - homemade burgers (normally use extra lean beef mince 250 cals for 250g but accidentally bought lean so used 200g for 370 cals) with one burger bun, BBQ sauce, salad and little cheese on top. Makes 2 burgers one for bun and separate one which I eat without bun. - total 748
Snacks - one pink n white, thin dairy milk 110 cals, And the last 100g of frozen yoghurt 180 cals

Total 1786, 1600 once take off the walk I had and moving furniture around


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Dinner tonight - tandoori chicken (chicken breast rubbed with tandoori powder mixed with yoghurt and squeeze of lemon with salad yummy

Not great day with food today, my mid morning snack was sabotaged by redbull and creme egg dammit. Did cardio attack class but then made RC cheesecake and had piece of that to test it haha Made one for girly night then hubby to be asked me to make him one incase first one all went. Too much temptation for one girl! I'm gonna start a what's for dinner thread so we can share ideas for meals cos it can get a bit dull and it's boring getting stuck in a rut. ?

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