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Exante TS Diary - Week 1 results are in :D

I'm going to start Exante tomorrow. Really hoping to do TS. Does anyone have any helpful comments about how to get thrugh the first few days till Ketosis kicks in?

Need to loose 5 stone as quickly as possible hence giving this a go. From reading Exante's site i'll hopefully have that off before the end of May :fingerscrossed:
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Hi Kaz and welcome.

The only tips I can give are keep yourself away from "normal" food as much as possible, drink plenty of water (2 litres plus) and, if you feel bored, take yourself off for a bath or go to bed early! :)

Good luck.
Oh, one more. Don't get sidetracked as easily as I do.

Thanks, I was doing well, but basically wrote off November and December.

Still, onwards and downwards as they say (not sure who they are!).
Welcome and good luck. You should be able to get the 5 stone off by May if you're determined. I echo what others have said, keep drinking the water, little and often, it helps the weight loss and stops you feeling so hungry.
Good luck
Welcome and good luck! Sicne i started on sunday ive read countless magazines, had a long hot bath every night and just kept drinking. As the days go on it gets easier! Today, altho im still slightly hungry its not the be all and end all, im thinking of food way less and im getting thru today much better than the last 2 days! You'll do fine if you focus hun xx. xxx
I feel like a it of a let down really. Got up this morning and while i was in the bathroom hubby made me toast and tea and i started eating before i remembered what i was doing. So he has been warned and no food will be passing my lips as of tomorrow. Wish me luck
Ok so i'm on day 1. I did my starting weight today and have realised that in order to get my bmi to a healthy number i have nearly 10 stone to loose :eek:

So far i have had about 3 pints of water and i'm just off to make my first shake.

I'm hoping to get to target for the end of August but even if i get near i'll be extremely happy as i am meeting family i haven't seen in years then and it would be lovely to surprise them all.

The smell of hubby's soup is getting to me already, hope this gets easier


skinny jeans-im on my way
helllo there,im on day one today as well,i have about 4-5 stones to lose,so will be here a while,well done on the water,ive only managed 1 and a half pints ,will go and get some more! good luck.x
OMG JoanneM thats great. Does it get easier? I'm starving today so far. Just having a vanilla shake and it's ok so hopefully that will cure my hunger for a while. I can't wait for this ketosis to kick in, does it really mean you don't feel hungry? Also hear folk talking about water flavourings but don't see them on Exante web site. Do you use any? Where do you get them?
I wouldnt say it gets easier as such but you do get used to it. Some people do still feel hungry when in ketosis but its generally only feeling peckish rather than all out starving.

Exante dont do water flavourings but the all about w8 ones are available on a well known auction site. You can also drink any drinks which dont contain citric acid as this will knock you out of ketosis. Coke zero and Dr Pepper zero and I believe Tesco strawberry water. Just check the ingredients - malic acid is fine. I dont use them but thats coz Im quite happy drinking either plain or sparkling water. They wont affect your losses if you do use them.
Thanks very much for your help. I don't mind water but hope i don't get bored nice to know i can have a wee coke zero now and again as a treat

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